Where men and women like (and hate) to be touched


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TOTALLY different to the don’t kiss strangers thingy :stuck_out_tongue:


I only like being touched by strangers on the uvula. Clean hands are a requirement.


No vag touching by cousins!!


Only siblings (in certain reality TV families).


Women seem surprisingly chill about being touched virtually anywhere by strangers. I mean, the dark red implies severe discomfort, but it’s not the 50%-of-body-surface-DMZ that men have.


Cultural conditioning?


The way I read that, it’s saying that people in general are more tolerant of being touched by strange women than by strange men.


Then again, how can you be certain what sex people are if you don’t see them naked?


I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite though. The main figure from the text is showing all subjects, with the male/female distinctions being about the people doing the touching (despite the misleading text in the caption). The supplemental information:
shows the image broken up by male/female subject. It’s the men who are surprisingly chill about female friends/acquaintances/strangers touching them.


I hate being touched on the escalator!


My husband hates having his nose touched.

And when my sister was pregnant, she was repulsed by all the random belly-touching.


completely understandable, for me it’s even disgustful to read that it’s normal(?) and accepted(?) to touch pregnant bellies without permission. what are they thinking?


You’re right, and that makes infinitely more sense. Looking at the supplemental data where they break it out by male and female participants you see the patterns I’d come to expect, where women show significantly stronger resistance to being touched in the breast area across the board. What’s really interesting there is that aside from key “bathing suit” areas it does seem that women are more relaxed overall about people touching them, particularly on the arms, shoulders, back, and feet. I don’t know if that’s “cultural conditioning” or maybe increased openness to nurturing as opposed to perhaps a defensive attitude for men. The female participants’ Stranger Taboo Zones seem to cover the rough outline of a cocktail dress, including a low open back. My suspicion is that comparing these charts to fashion patterns might give a lot of insight about how clothing choices map to our willingness to be vulnerable.

Whereas men (presumably predominantly straight men) have almost no interest in being touched by other men they don’t know, but have a statistically significant tendency to be down for whatever if a non-family but apparently friendly woman wants to touch them, presumably because you never know when things are going to go well for you. Which I believe 100%.


I haaaaate being touched on the eyeball. No joke. Tried contacts, couldn’t do it.


Well you clearly ain’t from down sou…ooooooh forget it.


Medical conditioning, too? Dudes don’t go to the hospital unless it’s bloody critical (see what I did there?). In fact, my buddy sent me this the other night–it’s his hand following his “I cut the tip of my thumb off” text to me. I asked if he was going to the hospital even though I knew the answer, which was, “No, but I’m gonna get another beer.”


I don’t what the problem is. He obviously fixed his thumb, and beer is an effective pain killer. What more is the hospital gonna do?


That looks surprisingly like what happened to me two years ago. But I used electrical tape.


I don’t like being touched emotionally.