Game Of Thrones picks up as the Lannisters cope with apparent victory [TV Recap: season 4, episode 1]

Please either stop doing these recap articles or learn how to do story cuts in RSS. I am sick of seeing full spoiler articles in my RSS reader.

Just out of curiosity, what was the “spoiler” that you were subjected to?

For all the rug-pull shock of what happens to the Starks, Martin—and by extension showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss—hasn’t ever done much to surprise during the slow rise of Daenerys Targaryen.

Really? Remember the time Dany marched into a funeral pyre with eggs and came out with the dragons? The time she is attacked by the little girl with the scorpion? The time she visits the House of the Undying? Or the time everyone thinks she’s going to sell her dragons and she totally double crosses Kraznik and sacks Astapor?

In a different direction: I am curious as to what show-watchers made of Oberyn’s discussion of the backstory? Did you understand who he was talking about when he mentioned Rhaegar’s other woman? It’s not a spoiler, but it was really only discussed in season 1, so if you haven’t been watching closely, you might have missed it…

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This article in particular may not have had some shocking revelation in it (I didn’t read it long enough to find out for sure if I was spoiled or not), but I’m still sick of seeing full recap articles in my RSS before I have a chance to even watch the show myself. I don’t think I am being unreasonable by pointing out that this is good reason to use story cuts in RSS.

? Shae is “the most obnoxious character on the show”? Moreso than Joffrey (sp?), any number of the sickening Lannisters (sp?) – or any of the dozens of murderous cynics on parade?

Oh, I forgot. She’s a woman. She can’t be forgiven for having her own desires.

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Hmm I kind of had the idea that Ice was reserved for special occasions, like beheadings, and not really intended as one’s day to day combat sword.

Even MORE Spoilers:

Colonel Mustard did it in the Conservatory with the Candlestick!!!

That’s what I’m afraid of. In the books, Shae amd Tyrion come off somewhat equally poorly, but given the limitations of screen time and Dinklage’s star power, I fear that the bulk of the ignominy will fall on Shae.

I guess I don’t see the problem in need of solving. You see from the headline that an article is a recap of an episode of TV you want to watch, but haven’t yet. So you don’t read the article. Why is that not a perfectly fine system?


oh, so she does die. thanks.

I am most concerned about Daenerys. She looked surprisingly frightened after the largest dragon snapped at her. Her complete control over the three may be nearing its end, which would be sad, and reduce her power.

I think the TV series’s depiction of Shae is very interesting, even sympathetic. It’s just this reviewer, like so many fantasy-guzzling males, cannot abide a female character who is neither a passive doe nor an impassive warrior.


Of course she dies. This is Game of Thrones. All men [and women] must die.

I mean, look at Beric Dondarrion. He’s died about 7 times!

Still, I find it amazing that people can talk/theorize/speculate about the TV series as if the books, which are being followed very closely, did not exist. I have friends who are complaining about Joffrey and hope that he dies (instead of all the other kids), who think Tywin is a complete jerk who should get his comeuppance, and who hope Sansa is able to escape King’s Landing. And then complain that the show is too slow and that they can’t wait! It’s like, “do you really want to talk about A Song of Ice And Fire?” It’s clear from the comments here that no, people actually don’t.


If you don’t watch, she will be simultaneously alive and dead.


This is the first objection in this thread that seems reasonable to me - plenty of websites insert breaks for RSS; it’s not hard AT ALL to do.

On the other hand, I got here from (my personal favorite replacement for Google Reader) and I’ve got it set to show headlines only, unless I click on the items. So there’s that.

Tyrion: “Shae, I can’t see you anymore because if my father finds out he’ll kill you.”
Shae: “La la la I can’t hear you!”

Yes, she’s freaking obnoxious. If any male character acted this way we’d say the same. Her instinct for self-preservation was strong right up until she saw the pretty lights of King’s Landing, and now her brains have leaked out of her ears.
(In the books she’s playing a longer game, seeing Tyrion as a stepstool to higher things, but unless her character does a 180 very soon, that’s not how it’s going on screen.)


Is that a Schrödinger’s Pussy joke?

What if you haven’t seen the last season but still like reading BB?

Also she’s had little character development beyond being the whore-with-a-heart-of-gold. IRL, most people in her position would be looking for a way to defect or escape.

Notice that this castle lacks secret passages or hiding places although there’s supposed to be “50 miles of tunnels” under the city. You’d expect that a castle this fancy would have various service corridors and stairs maybe 3 feet wide so servants and lovers can move around discreetly. I’m not sure when this became common in large homes, but it was pretty standard during the modern peak of domestic servants.

I find it hard to really care about characters far down the list, because the show has to spend so much time establishing characters that it occasionally doesn’t get enough time to properly develop them into being an instrumental part of this world.

This is exactly how I felt reading (well, actually, listening to) the books. I was hoping that the show would cut out or combine some of the characters in the books to make things more streamlined.