Game of Thrones season 7 trailer

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The seventh and final season of Game of Thrones starts July 16.

Well, sort of. They’re only airing half the “season” this year, and the other half next year, in order to milk every last drop out of this thing.


i have zero complaints. this looks fantastic – shit’s about to get REAL.


Are there any spoilers? Because if it shows too much AINT SEE THAT SHIT!

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Did anyone else here the Jaws theme? I totally heard the Jaws theme

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Well, her friends and relatives are burned out.

I won’t watch it, because I’ll watch the show anyway. I hate “next time on…” at the end of an episode too. Either I’ll watch it or not, spoilers won’t make me.


Yes, there are. There isn’t anything too shocking, but you learn that certain things we knew might happen will actually happen.

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I wonder how long before the put out that seasons DVDs!!!


Essential viewing for Dinklage fans. One of my all-time favourite films.


Oh yes, it’s a wonderful film! Fun fact, it was made in my dad’s hometown (though it’s set in a different part of the state).


I’ve seen it several times, but didn’t know until this weekend that one of the co-stars was Bobby Cannavale, who became one of my favorite actors with Boardwalk Empire and Vinyl.

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The track he supposedly walked from Hoboken is 10 blocks from my home. It goes through a long dark tunnel under the Palisades and then several bridges over tidal rivers. I’d be terrified to try it, but hey, it was just a movie.

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Crazy! You must live near where my dad grew up!

Nope. I’m near Hoboken at the other end of his walk. But that place sure was purty, people have such awful ideas of Jersey. There’s spots near the turnpike in Elizabeth that look like the inspiration for the opening scene of Bladerunner, but lots is picturesque. The wiki page says the setting was West Milford NJ and Locations used included Lake Hopatcong, Dover, Hibernia, Rockaway Township, Rockaway Borough, Hoboken, Newfoundland and Oak Ridge, New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

My son had a girlfriend from W Milford, but geography was insurmountable before he had a drivers license. The train does NOT run there from Hoboken!

that movie is SO good. also heartbreaking. but SO GOOD.


I’m originally from West Milford, and had no idea the film was made there. Imma have to Google that

Umm, it’s “set” there, not made there. I listed the shooting locations.

Shes still got her “brother” which somehow make the line more apt.