Stuff happens in Game of Thrones


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Someone gets his head chopped off, it’s pretty cool.


I loved the recap.


LOL! Misspelled Jon Snow!!!

In Knots Landing

I’m literally dying at this…

You don’t need someone new to do the recaps, you NEED to do them every week.

Also, what happened to the person who used to do this? Did you guys give them the treatment Ned Stark got?




Best. Recap. Ever.


Peter Dinklage rules the whole world!


it was precise and catty all at the same time. how efficient! more please.


Long live King Rob! (Just don’t turn your back on anyone, ever.)


Also, what happened to the person who used to do this? Did you guys give them the treatment Ned Stark got?

You can’t get too attached to any characters on Game of Boings. They can get offed at any moment.


What Boing Boing NEEDS to do is get a new person to give an insightful, well considered recap of GoT each week AND keep Rob B doing this. So entertaining! The Chess Temple, I love it!


Considering the kill rate in the series, when you say “no longer with us”, is that the usual euphemism, or do you just mean they’ve take a job elsewhere?


This is excellent.


Loving this.



Lord Friend Zone, King Justin Beiber, The Sneaky Guy, The Bald Sneaky Guy


What a shame. I’d like to state for the record i’ll miss Mr. McFarland’s writeups even if nobody else will. Was really hoping he’d be covering silicon valley season 2. C’est la vie…


Mr. Hobo already knew who Arya was – he’s the one who told her to come to the “chess temple”. Or at least someone who looked like Mr. Hobo did – it could actually be one of Mr. Hobo’s friends testing Arya. [I think he’s the real deal, though.]

As for where Dinklage is going to be taken … the Queenmother who offered a reward for his head is further away and is dealing with her new daughter-in-law “Marge.” The nearby queen kinda killed the romance with her former retainer when she threatened to have him killed if he ever set foot in her city again. Maybe Dinklage will be a good enough prize to make her let her ex-retainer live.

And I’d be surprised if there was anyone on Westeros who DIDN’T think Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” (IYKWIM) Baelish is shifty. He makes stereotypical used car salesmen feel like stereotypical used car salesmen make ordinary people feel.


Ooh! Ooh! Now do Wiillow.


What, the movie, Willow, starring Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley and Warwick Davis?


That’s the one.