Stuff happens in Game of Thrones

The Net remembers.

Boing Island knows no king but the King in the Net, whose name is BESCHIZZA (my nizza)!


Dune-grade witch talk

If there’s a chance you coin another phrase like that one, I think you need to return for episode 4.


best recap ever, honestly

This reminds me… why on earth do so many websites post full-episode recaps of shows? Are there that many people who want to pretend they watched a given show?

Yep, I think you need to do this every week as well.

I wonder if it has to do with multitasking: people watch the show, but really don’t WATCH watch it, so they’re fuzzy on details. The full recaps help fill in the gaps.

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Then there are those of us who won’t be able to watch the show until it comes out on dvd, but are ok with spoilering before then.

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It’s pretty much the way I watch everything

Yeah, me too. We don’t watch it until we get the dvds… of course, I’ve also read the books already, though my better half has not. But I guess soon (or really, already with Jojen), they’ll be spoiling the books…

"Everyone acts like Stannis is boring, but he’s actually pretty charismatic on television. "

So true, so true. Is it the character? The acting? Or do I just have an improbable man-crush on Stephen Dillane?

Also, has anyone done one of those youtube compilations for every time a character says “cunt” on GoT? Because that would be pretty funny.

Somewhat similar in my case, I do pay a fair attention when watching, but I enjoy reading recaps because sometimes my memory fails me so I don’t really realize the significance of a scene or remember that Grungy Guy In Armor #1386126 is actually somebody I’m supposed to remember from a prior episode or if it’s somebody new, and then I read the recap and go, “Ohhhh, THAT’S what that was about.”


I can only offer you a compilation of “cocksuckers” from Deadwood. :wink:


And it’s about an HOUR long. :smile:


Holy crap, I miss deadwood. What a great show that was… and Carnivale. And both ended prematurely, didn’t they?

Yes, indeed. Just when things were getting interesting!

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