Leigh Alexander and the Boing Boing Game of Thrones Recaps

Leigh Alexander has been MIA since episode #9. Since episode #10 aired a couple of months back, I’m wondering if she’s ever planning to write the recap for the season finale. Leigh is a gifted writer and her recaps and following discussion made for some great reading that I looked forward to every week.

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Haven’t you seen the episode?

Yes, of course, but I also looked forward to the recaps by Leigh. I know I wasn’t alone in this as there was always a lively discussion after her write ups with nearly 300 comments after the Red Wedding episode alone.

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I should have tagged @beschizza in the original post.

Leigh moved from the USA to England the weekend of the last episode, and missed the “window of relevance” to run a recap. Something special’s in the works, though. Not sure whether to run it immediately or as an s4 teaser.

Thanks for the information. :smile:

I noticed that when Game of Thrones returned last night and the recap returned, it had a different author this time? Is Leigh Alexander no longer going to be doing the recap? Or is the new guy just filling in for last night’s episode?

I really liked Leigh Alexander’s coverage of Game of Thrones. The recap aspect of the new guy’s recap is okay, but it lacks the commentary, the deeper thoughts about characters, the connections with and allusions to little stuff you might have missed, and the great questions that prompted some great discussion in the comment thread. The new version feels like it’s just an episode summary of the highlights of the plot points of the episode rather than also adding in lots of extra things to think about and inviting a connection with the fandom.

I could see liking the new guy’s version of the recap better if you were someone who didn’t watch the show, who just wanted to keep up enough that you could not feel like a dummy and be totally left out when other folks bring up the popular show. You wouldn’t need or want the extra stuff in the old version and wouldn’t be excited about jumping into the discussion in the comment thread.

The old one felt more like it was by a fan for the fans.

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