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Four TV episode articles in one evening? I thought this blog was for people who think.

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They told me to go to recap, but I said NOO-NOO-NOO!
Seriously now, that’s what Boing Boing becomes?

I started coming to BB because of interesting news, gizmos, and strange trivia. Now there’s so much sorting through the chafe of cat videos/pics and television recaps. Seriously though; who wants recaps? If you watched the program, then you already know it. If you haven’t watched the program, you don’t want to know it.

Nice of you to assume those things are mutually exclusive.
Clearly the only media that matters is that which you like to consume.

What if we post replies wondering why there are so many TV show reviews these days on BoingBoing, and pondering whether it’s related to the comment Sheldon made in this week’s Big Bang Theory, that we’re living through a golden era in TV? Is it really so? And then heading off on another tangent wondering why BB doesn’t review BBT? Especially as their acronyms are so close.

Please don’t tell what episodes are about in the title.


I dislike both recaps as full-fledged posts on Boing Boing front page AND the concept of “spoilers”. An ideal spoiler of movie/TV show/book/whatever is that very movie/show/book. If you are hearing some details about it, some details still go missing, which you can collect only by perusing this movie or whatever yourself. If the movie is bad, I just saved me 3 hours by reading a Wikipedia article describing its plot. If the movie is good, I’d still like to watch it despite reading a synopsis online.

Then again, I also like this observation:

Plot spoilers ruin the only interactive portion of non-interactive media: trying to guess what happens next, and then seeing if you were right.  That’s why when someone complains that a plot was too predictable, they are essentially complaining about the the story’s difficulty level.

Anyway, it’s not like we are customers for Boing Boing – just a product to sell to ad makers. I pay nothing for this site, and should expect nothing in return, but since the comment section is working, I sometimes forget about it.

Then again, I sometimes wonder how the guys decide what to write about to keep/expand audience.

Okay, I’ve officially lost my train of thought and also wasted on this reply much more time than planned.

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Because that shit is like nerd blackface.


No, it’s nothing like blackface. The comparison suggests to me you have no idea what racism is.

Why are the recaps bad? They’re not mere recaps, they are attempting to analyze the show to gain a deeper appreciation, like you would a novel in high school English class. Worst case something like this:

Presumably this is only done for shows that are of legitimate artistic merit, like Breaking Bad which I swear was one of the best things I’ve ever seen on a TV screen in my entire life. That last episode of the final season was sublime.

Also, it’s nice to have a corresponding discussion topic for each episode so people following the shows can engage with each other – and also analyze the show and cross-reference meanings and share insights.

How is this at all remotely a bad thing?

I guess if BB started doing it for dumb shows like Real Housewives of Akron Ohio, or lots of shows willy-nilly, rather than a select few notable ones.


Your cogent and clear minded analysis of this topic is both encouraging and informative; and as such does not belong on this hilarious page of mush-minded cynicism and regretful hate.
I have flagged your comment for moderator-review, so hopefully we’ll hear no more of your ‘reason’.



That’s highly subjective, but I think those just don’t belong on the front page. Many people can provide good analysis of those episodes, many more can provide bad one. The source material is also accessible to many people, so when someone gets on the soapbox and gives us this wall of text, I ask myself: “Why he/she?” If this discussion was delegated solely to the forums (with maybe a pictureless link on the main page), so we felt that the topic starter isn’t on some high horse, the attitude towards such posts would be much better.

I believe you’ve conflated racism with bigotry. Good luck with the future!

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You look away. It’s not difficult. If you then choose to get on your own soapbox, and you do so near their crowd, just what does that mean about them?

Listen. What we bring to the table, e.g. “high horse”, really is going to predetermine what we can get out of an experience. If you imagine that anyone else -makes- you feel anything, that’s probably where expectations go awry.

It turns out it is never reasonable to think anyone but you should be responsible for catering to your tastes or preferences, just because. Our cynicism is our own responsibility, only.

I agree that the recaps are not to my taste either. Neither was Breaking Bad, but why bother complaining about other people enjoying themselves?

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You guys really need to recap 30 minute sitcom episodes? Is this EW now?

I don’t understand this creeping obsession BB has with posting synopses of TV episodes like this. It’s as if you think we’ll need your potted description of the episode before we get around to watching it, or that we’re too dense to understand it if we already have. It’s a real waste of internet.