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Can we have less television show reviews on this site? While scrolling through today there were two GOT reviews, a review of last night’s Silicon Valley episode, and an Orphan Black recap. I get that they’re pop culture, but enough is enough. Or, completely ignore what I’m saying and keep 'em coming!

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it’s pretty dumb, but their ubiquity seems to be an obvious indication that they’re what’s paying the bills at BB Headquarters. I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch any of the shows being reviewed, which would be probably even more annoying to me if I still browsed through the main page. But thanks to @gwwar 's awesome script (the second one in the link,) I browse straight from and just mouse-over the headlines that seem interesting–no more scrolling. so, given that, they’re much easier to ignore. I’d say that’s your best option because as per my first sentence, I doubt they’re going away at this point.

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Why these posts?
As you take stock of where BB is going and how it presents itself,
please consider whether these reviews are justified.

Hannibal too now. Four out of the top five “features” are currently TV shows. And, if I understand right, the top of the features section is hand-selected, so this is deliberate. Because of the new Feature format, TV recaps are essentially all we see.

I understand. It’s BoingBoing’s site. They can do what they want.

But if I tell friends that I read BB, and they go here today, they would be excused for thinking that it’s just a TV recap site, since that’s ALL you see today. The editorialship has clearly decided that TV recaps are more important than any of the other content being posted by the long-time writers.

So, since it’s BB’s site, why do people get annoyed and need to post here?

I think it’s because it’s the feeling of having a friend who used to be all cool and interesting and on the outskirts, who now when you hang out with him spends all his time telling you about Two and a Half Men.


Why on earth are popular TV recaps filling out like literally half of the “featured” section of the new layout (as of the time I am writing this)? Are recaps of every single TV show in a particular pop series on cable TV a thing to be featured? I can understand the occasional meta discussion on a TV show. Talking about the rather fucked views on rape and consent that Game of Thrones had been pushing was certainly a perfectly good feature, but if a post starts with SxEx title here, does that really deserve to be in the “featured” writing? You can get a thousand recaps of TV shows that you presumably have already seen all over the internet. Why on BoingBoing of all places and not a place that specializes in that kind of bland mass consumer crap? I don’t even care that it exists on BoingBoing, I just kind of do a WTF when recaps of TV in the form of SxEx title here fills up half of the feed of the “featured” sections.

I like BoingBoing. I love the in depth articles about things that are a little bit harder to find. Stuff on gender, politics, interesting interviews, interesting opinions, wonderful things, wonderfully awful things, and stuff strange and freaky to the normalz are all fantastic. I just do a big ol’ WTF when half of the stream gets filled up with stuff I expect to see in the aisle of a supermarket next to the tabloid sections and the soap opera magazines.

My two cents.


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