Sketch satirizes reality TV that's 50% recap and 50% ominous music


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Mitchell & Webb is fantastic brit comedy <3


BBC should have a rummage through their classics and re-release them without the laughing track.

Btw, another classic:


Was that even numberwang?


What if you never watched any reality TV?


American Politics is basically reality TV, so one way or another you’re living it right now


My god, I saw one of those things at my brother in law’s. How people sit in the room with them is beyond me, after 5 minutes and two commercial breaks I wanted to track down the producers and murder them.

You’ve got the percentages wrong too. It’s 30% preview of the next segment, 30% rehash of the last segment, 30% ads and about 10% “content”.


M&W is on the BBC - No ads!


Some “documentary” shows are like this. I remember watching one about asteroid collisions that used the “Coming up: Do scientists believe an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs?” time-filler, with a CGI graphic of a tumbling asteroid which was used over and over.


And then if you watch it from a download without commercials, there’s a build up to the commercial break that doesn’t happen and so it immediately returns and repeats the same teaser from before the break so the repetition of the suspense is even more jarring.

I think @Ratel was referring to the reality shows they parodied.


So British reality TV is the same as American reality TV, but with words like “apposite”?


Some holiday cheer from Mitchell and Webb


Streaming TV has made reality TV editing unbearable to watch.


I think this clip is a better commentary of theirs on reality TV.

“So, it’s coverage of idiots behaving idiotically for an audience of idiots.”


I also hate on shows which give you a 5 to 8 minute recap of the previous show before giving you the new episode. Especially bad if they’re on a streaming service and you’re on a binge.

Stop it.


I’ve always dreamed of a “BBC” cut of Mythbusters where instead of the frenetic ad cuts they could use more footage of their builds.


I don’t think that is what did it.




I suppose this sketch was subject to the restraints of TV, but if they were making it for Youtube I think it could use a couple of minutes of pensive, awkward staring.


By Vectron, I think you are correct.

Actually, in Vetron’s name, was the sketch about reality TV? It seemed to me to be more about scripted TV shows, by Vectron.