Sketch satirizes reality TV that's 50% recap and 50% ominous music

Absolutely. I should re-watch them all now that I have Hulu ($12 a year cyber Monday special I couldn’t say no to.)

I wish they made more episodes of this and Little Britain.


Here are two of my faves. My dad liked the pet hospital.


I thought, for certain, as I scrolled down below “increasingly relevant classic”, I’d come to this.

But no. Of course, the classic that’s relevant to one man, isn’t necessarily relevant to another…


I’m watching reality TV right… hang on, wait a sec…
No, I don’t.
Never mind.

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Pet hospital is one of Robert Webb’s best performances.

Moreover, Olivia Coleman is fucking awesome! So good.

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Take a drink every time they say:
“Now due to new technology we can drain the ocean for the first time”
And show the same animation of the ocean water level dropping to zero.

Not really, that would kill a person.

National Geographic: Drain the Bermuda Triangle

Find out on part 2.


I’ve noticed on some of the Prime video offerings there’s a skip intro AND a skip recap option.

When i visited my folks over Thanksgiving my dad had one of those “Lets drain the ocean” shows in the background. I got so annoyed at the stupidity of it that i turned off the TV, i just couldn’t stand it.


i get the feeling that rob has just discovered mitchell and webb based on how many mitchell and webb videos have popped up on bb lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good for him because everyone needs to discover the joy of Mitchell & Webb. Up next: A Bit of Fry & Laurie. Very much recommended.


I’d bet in the video I posted there is maybe 20 minutes of unique footage. And every sub segment is them saying we think we are on to something historic… nope (x4)… credits.

It was so bad and I was bored that I watched the entire thing with morbid curiosity. TV version of eating a bad store bought cake at 2am filled with regret.

I don’t have cable so I miss this crap normally. It’s only when I visit my mom or day that I realize this junk is the norm for many channels now.

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Its sad that respected science and history programming has devolved into these kinds of shows and documentaries. I fucking love me some science/history and the way they’re producing their current content really rubs me the wrong way. But whatever, the really awesome smart people are on Youtube anyways (Brainscoop, SciShow, Cody’s Lab, etc).

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Yes! I have a Roku plugged into my TV and nearly all I watch is YouTube Science/Nature/Photography/Creators shows. The Roku UI doesn’t include comments which is good/bad depending on the channel but in the long run it’s probably best for my blood pressure.


Amazon Prime Video sometimes has a skip recap feature. It’s probably just buggy enough to be BLOODY ANNOYING WHEN IT DOESN"T WORK.

Even Adam Savage is on YouTube so I have no need for cable

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I technically I have 20ish cable channels because it lowers my internet bill by $10. The last time I used it was to watch Obama’s presidential debate.

I could get a better rate for bundling but I don’t on principle. I don’t want cable


Doesn’t the Australian version (it was produced and even narrated by Australians) have longer episodes?

But, if that is the case, why on Earth does the American version have such long recaps after every commercial break? :-/

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