'The World's Really F*cked But This Show Will Be Pretty Good'

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Rachel is awesome.
That’s all I have to say.


Well, that was delightful.


i like it, it reminds me somewhat of Erin McKeown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-QuS6utXp4

just with more polish on the production

Welp, that ended dark.

Merely more polish than Country Parody? Fun link. TWRFbTSWBPG sure is filled out with sassy ideas. Get ready for Overspiced '21 the Vaccine Excess of Preppedness!

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I think you need to tune some of the electrons on your bot. You seem a bit, off today


Loved the toilet paper roll thrones!

Kudos to the director. His website is worth checking out. jamiedewolf.com

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Great video, lump in the throat, watery eyes and levity in the heart.

Interesting Biography for Jaime Wolf, good for him talking out against what he believes is wrong.


The show name abbreviates in a way I want to explore -this century-. What a demo! Just jumping into the idea of vaccine thoroughness.

Very nice except for the end. She reminds me of Sarah Silverman.

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