GamerGate metaphor: Woman pulls gun on ISIS member with ebola raping her pit bull


I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but it sure makes for an interesting headline.

The perfect metaphor indeed.


He may have taken lone ‘wolf’ too literally

Acting on a hunch the man may be suffering from mental illness
The guy got lucky that the responding officer was one of the rare ones that thinks for a few seconds instead of shooting.
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You keep saying his actions were an attempt at raping the woman’s dog.

Actually, it was about ethics in games journalism.


Truly his lessons are great!

“Hunch” in this contex presumably meaning “observation of the startlingly obvious”.


And yet the comments section of the article quickly reminds of what every conversation used to devolve into: whether the dog rapist was a democrat or republican…sigh…the good old days.


@HMSGoose in other words, the metaphor extends to the comments as well!

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… in Ferguson.

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I think this is the moment where people stop and really think about what they’re looking at constantly (as in online casual web browsing) and genuinely say “fuck this nonsense” and stop giving a shit about memes, hashtags, news propaganda, and all related BS. At least, i hope they do.

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