Gardening, Part 2

Bite me again Michigan weather. At least this time we can move almost everything into the garage and only cover 3 outside beds.


You definitely want more N, but that can actually be blocked by other things, like the soil acidity, and temperatures, and probably other factors. N is a mobile element, so your plant is taking what it has in older leaves and shifting it to the new. If you’re sure your soil acidity is good, give them some more nitrogen for sure.


Thank you! The soil is probably not acidic. It is citrus soil blend and has been in the pot for about 15 months. But I will look into getting a tester. The stuff deep in the root ball might be a different story.
I’m guessing the nitrogen got washed out. We’ve had several cycles of heavy rain in the last few months. The pot drains well, so I wasn’t concerned about root rot but also failed to consider what the water took along. I’ve added a little bit of nitrogen heavy fertilizer and will add more in two weeks. I tend to err on a bit at a time when it comes to fertilizer. I can probably also get a thin layer of compost on top as well.
The lemons are doing well though :lemon:


Back from travel and good heavens the radishes have been busy! There are a few different varieties here. The Salad Rose variant can grow 6 inches long! You can see one in the red bowl. Also my late-starting curcurbids are starting to poke up. I’ll transplant them in another few days.


Sometimes I forget what I’m growing. A few weeks ago squirrels decimated my beans and sunflowers. I reset them, put them under the lights, then went on a trip and promptly forgot about them.


Polebeans. I am reusing flower pots which is why they say peppers on the side

I have no recollection of setting these. They were on the ground, not even under the lights. Beans from the looks of it.