Gauzy literary scarves: Poe, Holmes, Romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland and more

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If they weren’t so gauzy I’d think they were beach towels rather than scarves.

Shame that the Middle Earth map one is sold out ]:

Actually, I have a keffiyeh, and unfolded it’s about that big…

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Yeah… the so called “Harry Potter Marauders Map” is actually a place card from the Universal Studios HP Themepark. You can see the not-at-all-in-the-book roller coaster in the right hand corner.
So essentially this is a company that culls any medium-res popular image from the interwebs, and then sells a shoddy, yet overpriced print to punters - in a “limited edition” so that the trade mark lawyers won’t have time to catch on.
Now, as a copyfighter I don’t have problem with this per se, but if you’re just gonna take any old jpg-image without any curation and put on a print, why not just as well cut out the shoddy middleman and order it yourself, to your own specifications?
There are plenty of print-on-demand companies, operating out of Hong Kong, that will happily put a Disney or Warner character on your own unique printed garment, no questions asked. It’s a fair guess that this is where “Fresh Comfy” gets their stock from, anyway.

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