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I think when everything wanted my cell phone number for the second Factor I kind of embraced my inner curmudgeon. I have softened a bit but I still have a bit of a reflex no mater what is asked for.


I do use SMS two factor for some sites because they offer no alternative but it’s considered to be pretty insecure and shouldn’t be used in place of one-time codes such as BB offers.

Might be worth linking to the 2FA Directory and i just found out PayPal now offer the one-time code option, when did that happen? Gonna have to activate that.


Wasn’t 2013 the year the comment platform changed, and we all had to shift our accounts (or maybe they were done automatically)?

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Ok, that can be changed.

Not automatically, no.
Around that time I came back after a longer period of being offline and needed a new account.

ETA: I also noticed several instances of dormant accounts posting recently, and with so un-sus activity that it actually looks sus again. Not exactly 'hey, nice post" style, though. Analyzing this kind of user activity data would be quite challenging. I wonder if someone here has a background in doing so - because I bet some platforms are analysing this. I also would think BB BBS does not, because the investment would be to large for the benefit, and the community is doing a great with higher intelligence and efficacy.


@dankogroup is a spam account


That wasn’t a hint to stop posting, or anything.

I’m just saying that the community at large can generally differentiate legit members in good standing from trolls who like to think that they are ‘clever.’

That’s only possible because of the high caliber of users here overall, as well as having good mods that are on top of their game.


Good Idea. Often I avoid the obvious trolls but some people seem more mislead or misinformed than trolling and I feel a correction is in order (when its something I know about of course).


Use someone like google if you’re worried about that. There are probably few companies in the world more experienced with password safety for the masses than the googles of the world, and they have some pretty ingenious recovery options as well.


Steven_Strauss has been ejected for getting atop a hill, declaring grammatical pedantry as his charge, taking on all comers, then devolving into personal attacks and insults when people pointed out how blatantly offtopic and irrelevant it all was in the first place.

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jimp been given a brief timeout to decide if he can be part of a community that does not jump immediately to the “bad people are clearly living with mental illness” position.


User NawSon has been banned for following users from topic to topic and calling out their behaviour. This is otherwise known as stalking, and is entirely inappropriate behaviour. Don’t do this.


dalasv has been banned for choosing to go to war with the entire band of happy mutants - to the level of over 45 posts in one topic, many of which directly attacked other members.


That was the second time I’ve had a post flagged and removed. Just like last time, I understand and agree with the rules, and am genuinely sorry that I broke them. But just like last time, I do not regret what I said.


Most of the replies to that attention seeking troll were deleted; that’s the way it goes.

Generally it’s better to just not engage at all and just flag, but as Oren pointed out, he had basically declared war on the entire forum, and it’s hard to just let bad behavior like that stand while we wait for moderation.


Did something happen on the Jimmy Kimmel topic?


There was an anti-vaxxer there with the handle “Khanh_Admin” who claimed to be a bioengineer at Pfizer and who was spreading disinformation. The moderators wiped his account and his comments, which no doubt took responses away with it.


bill hader snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Still funny that he thought we’d buy that obvious lie.


Oh, I missed that. Lucky me. I would have gone to war, maybe. As a biologist who trained pharmacologists at some point, this would have turned out to take up far to much energy.

I just wish I could read their nonsense for fun now, with the knowledge that it isn’t publicly available any longer, and the culprit is gone.

Lucy me again that I can’t … :crazy_face:


I bet his uncle works at Nintendo, too.