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User Derek_Tutschulte has been banned. We do not abide bullies here.

There has been a spate of users going after others over the last few weeks. In more than one case, this has been followed by a revelation by the perpetrator of emotional burnout or similar issues, with the members asking to be reinstated.

I do not believe that genie can go back in the bottle after you have burned the community this way, so I ask everyone to, please, consider your own mental health, and take a breath before you post.

The pandemic has, IMHO, broken a lot of online discourse. Be it the scope of Poe’s Law, the scope of misinformation and the people behind it moving from “annoying” to killing people, and several groups within our communities being under siege just for being who they are.

Take a breath before you post. try to make sure you are contributing constructively to the online discourse here. For many, taking a jab at someone like this poster is cathartic, knowing the moderators will come behind and clean it up. But that behaviour lowers the quality of discourse here for everyone. Please flag instead, for everyone’s mental health. Deprive these users of material to weaponize.

Thank you.


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I’m sorry for being part of that and thanks for what you do.


User @Dioptase1 has been permanently uninvited from this party for not sneaking his sly racism and accusations into posts slyly enough.

I think @orenwolf was banning him at the same time I was. :slight_smile:


You got there first :wink:


You guys can split this


@orenwolf - not a mod topic exactly, but this post from @jlw has a comments link that links back to the post (that old bug again) and I suspect nobody has got there, because it does not even appear in any BBS search.


User lambaste anonymized at user request.


@orenwolf and another one doing the same. Is there an alternative method/place you’d prefer we used to we report these?

I note the 9 Oct one re High School principal still not fixed - did jlw deliberately disable comments? If so, removing the comments link would be a better idea. But as the comments link was there, can we assume this was the same old bug again?

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What’s up with Mark locking posts? Charles Burns etc.


Authors are free to choose the posts they do and do not want comments on.


Don’t know if this the right place to ask.

What triggers a post needing approval? I’ve posted almost 500 times without any major incident, on two occasions my post needed to get approval. The latest was in the toxic Disney topic. It’s waiting approval now but I can’t figure out why.



There is a list of words that trigger an automatic review… So, that’s likely what happened. As long as the use of the word is in good faith, it should be approved.




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If you wrote a word that starts with T and rhymes with roll, then you can just edit the pending post and replace the offending word with the similar word “Goblin” and your post will go right up.


I just tried to give an example of a trigger word and it had to wait for approval. The word starts with “tr” and rhymes with “soul”. I had even obscured it by replacing the “o” with “()”.


It was the t word but it was definitely in context and not name calling of board members. I changed it and will remember for future posts.

I also couldn’t edit the pending post, had to delete it. All is good and I learned something.



Context matters here. Accusing other posters of posting in bad faith is going to get your post rejected - you should flag posts where you believe this is happening.

Of course, words are used in many contexts, and sometimes get caught for other reasons (it’s not just specific words that can cause a post to be held). We try to review these as quickly as possible, and the number of “innocent” posts held is, thankfully, very small, while these same filters catch quite a few spammers or drive-by troublemakers before their posts even make it to the wider BBS.


OK, different question, as long as we’re gathered here this afternoon:

If I view the page with topics organized as “New,” it allows me to sort those topics in order of most recent Replies, Views, and Activity. Is there a “switch” to add a tab to allow us to organize by “most recently posted” or something? I’d be interested in ordering the results by most recently posted instead of the others.

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