GENIUS: beautiful graphic novel about inspiration, Einstein, and self-doubt

Genius is a new graphic novel written by Steven T Seagle and drawn by Teddy Kristiansen and it’s not really like any other graphic novels I’ve read. In a very good way. Ted Marx is a physicist, and he’s a genius. That’s what he’s been told all his life, ever since he started skipping grades… READ THE REST

Check out House of Secrets from Vertigo by the same team - it was 25 issues of moody storytelling with a slightly creepy vibe. Steven Seagle also wrote the lion’s share of Sandman Mystery Theatre if you’re into pulpy 30’s crime-fighting.


I never knew Einstein was a Cosby-fan.

The sample did remind me somewhat of Juan Santapau’s The Secret Knots webcomic. Same level of poignancy, same style of storytelling. I’ll be looking into it.

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