Gent with chip on shoulder invents powerful pedestrian horn


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Wait, I need to find out what happens to the guy underwater!


No kidding. I notice in small type it says, “Deep-sea onanism”. I’m sure that story begins, “Dear Popular Mechanics, I never thought the stories in your magazine were true until this happened to me…”


Seriously, is this a 'shoop? It’s gotta be a 'shoop.

…Yes, it’s a 'shoop. No need to panic. Original (May, 1948) says “diving mechanics”.


Car horns should be linked to a debit card account that immediately fines the driver $5 for every time it is used. Holding the horn down triggers an exponential increase in the fine. Fines are quadrupled between the hours of 10pm and 7am. The amount of the fine is displayed prominently on the dashboard. A wide angle camera orients itself in the direction of travel of the car and records the incident. If the horn was being used for a legitimate emergency (not things like being impatient about someone pulling away too slowly at a green light, waiting behind someone who is parallel parking, etc etc), the driver can dispute the charges and the fines would be waived. Penalty for tampering with the system includes, but is not limited to, car horns being installed in the violator’s bedroom programmed to honk and random intervals, every night, for the course of five years. Penalty for tampering with the punitive device, or sleeping elsewhere, is DEATH.


What you’re proposing sounds like an automated “guilty until proven innocent” system. I suppose that’s in keeping with the times…


This is one of the circumstances in which it is totally appropriate.


As a pedestrian who lives in an area populated by bad and/or distracted drivers, I would gladly pay tens of dollars for that horn.


I’m glad you are so capable of discerning when it is appropriate to fine everyone and make the innocent prove they are after the fact. All policing of actions where the highest danger is annoying others should be done by people with such an impeccable moral compass, as yourself.


I am guessing you love honking your horn for no good reason. When I am King you will be first against the wall.


You made Carla and me laugh.


Check out the Northrop Flying Wing on page 4!


What about a more modern, electric bus, truck or boat horn, fed with quadcopter-grade lithium polymer batteries? Some of these buggers can give 100+ amps and come as prewired 12V (and more) stacks. is your friend.
The horn, well, try a car junkyard.
The total price may well be within said tens of dollars.

A pair of ultrasonic highly directional projectors that make audible noise only where the beams intersect would be even better, but we shouldn’t ask for too much for Mk.1…


I am honored! You guys have been making me laugh, cry, giving me a roller coaster ride of emotions since I first discovered and started reading the blog back in 2003, on a daily basis. So, thank you! You don’t seem like the kind of guy who would honk his horn frivolously, out of anger, frustration, or even libertarianism, which is one of the reasons why I like you.


It will never work, because the poor, who can afford the fines the least, often use the car horn in lieu of a doorbell when summoning their comrades for work at 5am. You wouldn’t deprive them of that liberty, surely?


Actually I only honk when someone is about to cause a dangerous situation. Nice troll though.


If we are unleashing juvenile fantasies, how about bringing it through airport security. I would love to see the TSA jump when they “verify it is not a bomb”.


teledildonically-assisted underwater cybersex

What a time to be alive


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