California townspeople initiated a citizen’s arrest of obnoxious "air horn guy"


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He’s getting a medal for his tremendous assholery, believe me. This is Trump’s America now.


I’m confused. If the police already stopped him, the citizens were just being angry dicks and getting in the way. That’s not a citizen’s arrest.

If the citizens found him and held him up until police arrived, THEN it was a citizen’s arrest.


This is one of those times when one can look at the picture of the person, and what they did, and say, “Yeah, this doesn’t surprise me.”


I see they caught a photo of one of the air horn victims, as well.


Either that or he’s going to be executed.


Any word on if he’d left his wallet there?


He probably left it in Rob’s safe


Well someone’s got to get it.


In California, isn’t this just performance art?


Only if you’re rich. Then you get to be an eccentric artist.


I used to think that I was eccentric, but it turned out I was just lopsided.


Close enough, you’re within the radius to at least be weird.



Well played. 4am isn’t exactly a Midnight Marauder, but close enough.


If it were a reggaeton horn, I’d be behind this.

But an air horn? Yeah, fuck that guy.

Can we talk about how good the new A Tribe Called Quest album is?

It’s Abstract comedy.


Back in the ’60s, my dad commuted to work in a little Volkswagen Beetle. He installed something very similar to this kind of air horn; it had two actual horns that worked simultaneously, and sounded like a freaking Mack truck.

He didn’t use it maliciously, but if someone cut him off in traffic, he’d let ’em have it. I witnessed it once while riding with him; the offender practically hit the roof of their car, while (presumably) suffering from near heart failure from a massive sudden influx of adrenaline. They had to pull over to the side of the road to recover.

I’ve gotta say – it would be impractical, but I would dearly love to mount one of these on a bicycle. Talk about instant karma… can you imagine?


Yep, he’s just expressing his newfound patriotism!


Excellent idea he had!

I have always wondered why car horns sound so impotent these days … perhaps retrofits…

I fully expect that Trump’s DC motorcade will be complete with the General Lee paint job and the dixie horn turned to 11 just to piss off all the Dems in DC.