Gentleman attempts to steal bike parked at police station

I work at a large University. One of my co-workers had his eye on an abandoned bicycle for like six months. When he finally decided to take it, turned out to be a police sting. The bike had a chip. He was let go.

Lucky. At my university, they made all abandoned property “property of the university.” Which they can do because they theoretically claimed it first, and it’s on university property? In any case, I’ve seen people get issued trespass warnings or get fired for dumpster-diving.


“Honest, occifer - I just wanted to take a photo of this beautiful machine and it was too dark back in that corner…”


it was locked, but the man wished to take the bike for himself so he went to work on the lock with a bolt cutter…

…and hilarity ensued!

Should have used a bulldozer, or maybe an excavator.


Don’t they know about the Law of Dibs?

International rule of dibs

They are the smarter cousins of the Keystone Cops.

Yes, low bar. But still.

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I’m pretty sure they just formally pre-dibsed everything. But IANADL.

“Elevate Oregon”? Seems like the guy was high already.

From the clothes I’m guessing this is in the US (Gladstone, OR?) which is a shame because in my head I imagined a police officer watching the security camera and wondering out loud in his best Ricky Gervais accent “Are you havin’ a laugh?”

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