Gentleman builds tongue robot to lick cartoon girls


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“Anime was a mistake”




The guy misheard the internet is made up of links.


Gentleman builds tongue robot to lick cartoon girls

I’m taking the rest of the day off, WTF.


Well it’s about fucking time.


This will free up so much of my time.


Well, they’re certainly not going to lick themselves, are they?


i assume the nekos will.


you mean…now that the licking time is over?


I think a bit of googling–with safe search off–would quickly show that that statement is distinctly not true.


If you want something licked right, then you gotta lick it yourself.


unless he stole the tongue from a pedestrian and has tried to test the machine in the local orphanage I’d think saddling him with the boingboing ‘gentleman’ label goes a bit too far.


I can’t tell you how much I love Aeon Flux.

Also - oh - Japan. You… You guys were made for the Internet.


So - he’s going with the “it’s for a friend” dodge?


That’s only just slightly suggestive.


The convenience is certainly hard to dismiss, but I do wonder about the impact such automation is going to have on the domestic cartoon girl licking labor force. ( I suppose artisan cartoon girl licking will always have its place, though.)


Oh, on the face. Huh.
[Walks away, interest lost.]


Now he needs to build a robot who will masturbate to the video of the tongue doing its thing.