Gentleman doesn't remember buying a bus for $42,229


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In fairness, after the third sangria he probably thought “do you want to buy a bus?” was a euphemism.


Boy, if I had a nickle for every time I accidentally bought a bus…

More seriously, I don’t know what the law is in Spain, but there’s a reason American auto dealers want buyers to drive the vehicle off the lot as soon as possible. So good to see that European auto salesmen are every bit as slimy as ours.


That’s nothing. I got a little drunk last night and accidentally sold my bus.


Pleasure doing bus-ness with you.


But can I buy your magic bus?

Well apparently yes.


Today I learned that “Loving life with not a care in the world” is code for blackout drunk.


Boy, have I been there… I, too, do not remember buying a bus for $42,229.


Wow and i thought this tattoo was embarrassing!


There are so many things I do not remember doing for $42,229, especially with exchange rates the way the are.


So it’s the new “tired and emotional”?

Ibiza ruins lives!!!!
Well, something ruins lives, anyway. But I was thinking less "Ibiza" and more "the alcoholic tendency to blame everything but oneself for the consequences of one's actions".




I’m confused, did he:
* pocket buy a bus?
* drunken buy a bus?
* get pranked by a drunken buddy who bought a bus?
* get his phone hacked and the hacker bought the bus?

…and who has $40k limit on a card they use for online auctions?


Kind of expensive, must have a lot of nice coach work inside. The used 40’ Gillig commuter buses were going for $3500 USD at the last vehicle auction I attended, your choice, each one had in excess of 200K miles but started right up! And you had to drive it away the day of purchase.


This definitely puts my weird drunken/drugged purchases over the years in perspective.






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