Gentleman has trouble stealing cash drawer from a McDonalds


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monkey trap, n.

  1. A cage containing a banana with a hole large enough for a monkey’s hand to fit in, but not large enough for a monkey’s fist (clutching a banana) to come out…

  2. A clever trap of any sort, that owes its success to the ineptitude or gullibility of the victim.



I simply don’t know how the McDonald’s employees resisted the urge to draw on the guy’s arm with magic markers or a ketchup bottle.


Protip: if you’re going to risk jail time by stealing from somebody’s cash register then don’t target a business that has a dollar menu. The net haul probably would have been, what, 60 bucks?


Geometry was his enemy.


Judging by the video of this Napoleon of Crime, advance planning is probably not his strong suit.

He’d be the first to agree, assuming he got far enough in school to know what geometry is.


Consider that his first lesson.


Well at least at one point it looks like the perp is trying to pry the cover off of the cash drawer, rather than pull it out the window.



The little acorn grew and grew, and one day he looked at himself and said, “Gee! I’m a tree!”



Sounds like he needed to play some Divekick…


Quick throw some hot french fry oil at him.


I play this game with my cats all the time!


Or just smash his hand with something.


needs more yakkety sax


I don’t think McDonald’s could inspire that level of loyalty in me. :slight_smile:

(But I’d be trying to draw dick pics on his arm with a sharpie for the whole video. )


Nothing about loyalty. Just fuck that guy.


–That’s what I was thinking, but unless he was waving a gun around, maiming him seems an excessive response to somebody trying to stealing petty cash…