Gentleman hospitalized after sneaking into ex-girlfriend's house and falling through ceiling, then arrested for stealing


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I think “gentleman” in this case is a quite generous term for this guy.


Kansas Man giving Florida Man a run for the money but needs an electric wheelchair with a cooler of beer bungied to the back if he’s going to have any real credibility.


I’m surprised that it wasn’t the hospital wrist-band, with his name.


He’s a keeper!


So… what was this guy’s endgame? I don’t get it.


I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in his shoes- if he can find them.


I know right, what’s the matter with Kansas man and his seriously undersupplied stupidity expeditions.


Kansas Man is just trying to build up cred and gather some scratch to get to Florida where he can settle down nice and cozy as a bona fide Florida Man


“gentleman” = comment bait.


I believe you mean…Kansassian.

And it’s fine for Kansassian to dream, but he will never be Florida Man any more than my cat will be a Bengal tiger.


Kansas and Florida are both in the bottom quintile of per capita funding for education. Mr. Bergkamp is one of the winners of that race to the bottom.


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