Florida Walmart shopper pleasures himself upon stuffed horse




When will the persecution of Brony Love end?


So… They’ll be putting the horse on clearance I assume? Opened item?


Much like the Chicken Lady?


I feel like someone should mention that that stuffed horse certainly dressed like it wanted to be masturbated upon.


Florida Man continues to be worst superhero ever.


I feel that I could have done without the word “into”. Just sayin’.


Exactly, before we pass judgement it would be nice to know just how sexy this horse was – or perhaps he is a victim of sexyflandersphilia (everything looks like sexy Flanders)


It makes sense. Faced with the existential horror that is WalMart, some desperately seek whatever pleasure they can.


Florida - check
Walmart - check


Other items were contaminated and could not be sold.

Must have been a good one.


Guy’s black. How come he’s not dead?


His gun was clearly unloaded and no longer in his hand at the time of arrest. He presented no risk to the arresting officers as neither were filled with stuffing.


Whitest looking black guy ever!

(the mug shot of Sean Johnson)

But… As much as it is fun to giggle at the weird story, I can’t help but to feel sorry for a person who is obviously mentally ill enough to consider whacking it in a store with a stuffed horse. Can’t imagine that his future holds a lot of good things in it…


Give the man a unicorn chaser?


Of the kind that used to live in Second Life? http://alphavilleherald.com/2007/09/afternoon-delig.html


Ivor Biggun’s relaunch hasn’t gone to plan then? (Link is probably NSFW)


at least he had the good sense to go to the bedding department, i mean it was either that or the shower supplies or mens socks …am i right…lol.

I like the title of the click through story:

I’m picturing a stuffed horse masturbating side by side next to his new buddy…and turning to him and saying man those mushrooms were good. :slight_smile:


I see this at the link:


You both need to go somewhere to think long and hard about your behavior here. (snerk)