Naked gentleman pours milk on self in Walmart


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“I wouldn’t want to go in Walmart and see somebody walking around naked or running around naked, so they need to go to jail”

So…they need to go to jail because of what a policeman thinks is proper, not because of what the law says?


I would tell Sheriff Rodney, there’s no use crying over it.


Probably doesn’t need to go to jail but this product vandalism is in the same league as shoplifting.
Had he done this after paying or had he thrown a $5er at the checkout on the way out fine, just weird, like streaking. Indecent exposure if he couldn’t afford a lawyer or in a tight-ass state and probably exclusion from the store.

Sheriffs, most often elected need to be like elected judges, hard enough to inspire vengeful admiration among the hateful average American voter(and they think they are not!). When law enforcement, with a state’s monopoly on violence, has to be dirty enough to get re-elected and when the court always assumes good faith in all cases except gross negligence or clearest criminal intent the default in game theory assumes nearly all cops will break the law and violate civil rights(both only concepts unless enforced as the law) every time to keep their jobs and please their boss. It is the lowest risk option to keep whatever nice life they currently have.

  1. I am more alarmed about why there is a hazy rectangle following their midsection around…

  2. They should have poured more of the milk, finishing both jugs

  3. This is why you don’t play “truth or dare”, kids!


I did that, back in the 70’s…


You use milk to douse the fire of chillies.

Just sayin’


Maybe it’s a fashion. I wonder where one could buy such garment.


Scramble suit?


…as you do…


Performance Art?


Wow, this cop just came right out and told us what we already knew: Cops don’t arrest people based on the law; they arrest people based on their own opinions/beliefs/biases and then find a law that seems like a close enough fit… I wonder if this could explain any other cases…




You just asked it! So “meta”…


Ugh, that’s just gross.

I mean, non-fat? You might as well be drinking chalky water.


Hundreds of views? Hundreds? You can get hundreds of views with a test pattern. Dude doesn’t need to go to jail, he needs a free trip to Internet Camp for Seniors or something.


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