Gentleman owns the libs by burning his daughters' $3,500 Olivia Rodrigo tickets

unless it’s also backed up in the cloud. Phones cost less than 3500.

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How clueless is this dad anyway?


I feel bad for his kids. If he told them about the tickets, they were probably so excited. Now, because he couldn’t be bothered to check the requirements, they can’t go. If he didn’t even buy tickets but just made up some PDF and printed it out, the kids still have to deal with this person being their parent. I really hope they have some better adults in their lives


This is a win for everyone else!

  1. Olivia keeps the money.
  2. He won’t be at the venue spewing COVID and Ivermectin droplets all over the place.



Hey, that’s not fair. DeNiro only looked like that because of the de-aging technology Scorsese used.

Seriously, I couldn’t even get halfway through that film. So, so bad.

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Many of the concerts I’ve been getting tickets for recently have been e-tickets, which are scanned on the phone screen. I tend to print them, just as a visual reminder of what gigs I’ve got coming up, as I put them on the fridge with a magnet.
It’s also a backup in case there’s a failure of the e-ticket system when I get there. Just burning a paper printout is a pointless gesture, the tickets still exist on the system.

  1. Makes protest about keeping body CLEAN, clear of what goes into it
  2. Does so by burning multiple sheets of colored ink, producing toxic fumes, inhales (when wind turns) during his speech
  3. Picks his poison!
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Speaking of Mar-a-Lago, I heard the libs built that place.

I will patiently wait for news of its destruction by fire.


How else is he supposed to prove his fealty to You Know Who?
Does he really think that burning a printout of a PDF destroyed the PDF itself?

Somehow, I don’t think he is in favor of legalizing cannabis or abortion…

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Well, to be honest, he doesn’t seem all that bright, so yeah, probably he does.


Two Questions

How many daughters does he have?
How much is each ticket?


No idea, but keep in mind that he was apparently going with them.

As @KingGhidorah mentioned, he probably got them from a scalper, given the total price.

I think it would be a hoot if those tickets turned out to be fake.


Grown man in a tank top wants to be taken seriously. News at 11.
11 is also the last year that it was appropriate for him to have worn a tank top in public.

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I can’t wait for Olivia’s comeback. The burn is going to be for the ages…

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Or they are just really good seats. Many of Ticketmaster’s good seats now use “premium” pricing which is their misleading name for algorithmic demand-based ticket pricing, just like airplane tickets. Primary sales of good seats for popular acts can easily go for thousands a ticket these days. (Sometimes you can add additional perks/packages for even more money.)

I go to a lot of live shows so I’m pretty familiar with this awfulness.

No matter what he did, they safely available online in the Ticketmaster app. The only way those tickets are truly gone was if he re-sold them. Even if buying paper tickets from the venue, they would have a record of the sale. I just checked and all her shows are sold out so if he did resell them he probably made a profit.


As a lib I can definitely say I’m owned. He’s too much of an idiot to call him an asshole.

He probably owns a lot of NFTs.

I was recently in a long line to get into a show on Broadway when visiting NY. The reason for the long line was they were checking ids and vax cards. Overheard a guy ahead of me complaining how he had spent $1000s of dollars and now couldn’t see the show.

Usher was having none of it, “It was clearly stated when you bought the ticket”. I think the requirements were actually listed on the ticket.

I’m morbidly fascinated by these men’s incredulity of spending all this money and not getting the level of entitlement they felt they deserved. Or they somehow feel that telling everyone how much they spent should get them sympathy.


I went to a show just last night where they were checking vax status and IDs. This was a conspicuous requirement for buying tickets, and the whole process was quick and easy. Maybe part of it was that the line was largely made up of locals who knew the deal versus a more touristy crowd for a Broadway show.

But yeah if you’re spending thousands on tickets maybe you should know what you’re actually agreeing to? (And Broadway shows are fucking expensive. Everybody in line no doubt paid a lot of money for tickets and didn’t give a crap about this person’s self-entitlement.)


That’s because they are used to getting their way.

If they only knew…