Gentleman steals over 1,000 pounds of mail while working as postman


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I get so much junk mail, I feel like giving this guy 1,000 pounds of mine. Here, 200 lbs alone is pizza menus. The other 800 lbs are credit card offers.


What prison is he living in now? I want to be his pen pal…




general aversion to work seems a more likely explanation. just saying…


Between guys like this and fedex trucks getting hit by trains, it’s a miracle any mail gets delivered at all.


It would be sad if his pension check got lost in the mail…


You know he’ll never get your letters.


Terry Pratchett - Going Postal


Will return and insert the Will Ferrel “I am not even mad” meme when I have a spare moment.


I remember reading that this sort of thing is always related to the hoarding illness. Like, some doctors looked into it and found that these postpeople who hoard the mail are bonkers 99% of the time.


I’m always a bit suspicious of diagnoses like that. I mean, it seems as though the diagnostic process goes: This guy’s kept 20 years worth of mail in his garage. That’s nuts. Clearly he’s bonkers.

It’s not that it’s wrong, it’s just not exactly as strong an example of medical science as one might hope.


Nah, they actually did proper evals; what they found was that they were all crazy.


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