Spambot in real life


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Here’s an unsolicited ad for you:

The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year.
Our service stops 80-95% of unwanted catalogs and junk mail
for you.


If those are US Mail boxes, and the paper she is stuffing in them is not posted, isn’t that technically illegal?

[edit: I suppose she could actually be a postal employee out of uniform, and those are pre-paid bulk mailings, but it’s hard to tell.]


I dunno I have fun stuffing the business reply SASEs with the torn up offer and other junk mail to let them pay for the return postage.


All that does is use up USPS resources. If you hate the post office, then you hate freedom, commie.


Mom, is that you?


any postal employee would be servicing those boxes from the back where the openings are larger and the employee could not be interrupted by passers-by. if this were in the u.s. this activity would be clearly illegal.

as for the question of what country that is, i’m not sure. none of the mailboxes i’ve ever encountered here in the states have had an opening on the front. i haven’t been everywhere but i’ve been to post offices and apartment complex mailbox arrays in a multitude of small towns and cities in 4 different states and i’ve not seen any like that.


That video is strangely mesmerizing. Like it or not, that woman has that shit down to a science.


There was a pretty neat service in Austin called Outbox. Once you signed up, you would file a forwarding request form and have all your mail sent to them. They would open it, sort it, and then bring you the bacon.

It got pretty popular, so the USPS called their CEO in for a meeting and told him that they would no longer forward any mail to them. Outbox pivoted to the hardcore pornography business.


… another thing, this may not even be a post office. It could be an apartment complex. Looking at the numbers on the mailboxes they seem to have apartment markings (16-152, 16-154, 17-156, 17-158, and so on)


Well, naturally.


I’ll go with a guess that it’s:
1:Hong Kong

If that were the US, Section 1725 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code prohibits placing mailable materials like circulars and sales bills with unpaid postage in mailboxes with intent to avoid payment of postage.


And those aren’t mailboxes, they’re apartments.


You think that will stop Lady Spambot?


Of course not. We had a “no tresspassers on threat of prosecution” rule in my building in Chicago, but I’ll be damned if it stopped the restaurant flyers from being slipped under your door every other day.


in the u.s. mailboxes at apartment complexes are serviced by the usps.


Looks like Japan. I had rented an apartment in Japan twice for 90 days each. They have these mailboxes with the slots. Junk mail is a huge, but fun problem.


This should be Singapore.
Flat’s have mailboxes all arranged downstairs. Postal services can access the rear, which allows access to all postboxes easily.
Mailer aunties can only push in their mailers from the front, which can be locked via a flimsy tab if desired by the flat occupant.
That’s why she’s using a chopstick to hook onto a mailer, then using the chopstick to test if the slot is unlocked by shoving the chopstick against the slot. If it is unlocked, the mailer goes in as well and the process repeats itself


If anyone asks if you got their letter, DON’T ANSWER!


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