Gentleman warns youngster against wearing Sons of Anarchy vest


Fun fact: that young man died one evening as he was driving east as the sun was setting. He was found with a hole burned straight through his chest. Mulder and Scully never did figure that one out, but we know.

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Sez you! I get shot almost every time I go out, depending on which ball cap I wear. People either confuse me for a Killer Crip or a guy that likes to Kill Crips! And I get it from both sides when I sport Jayhawk colors!

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Truly, the only way to stay safe out there:


I keep thinking this discussion is about victim blaming. We don’t tell a rape victim that they were stupid for wearing that revealing whatever, so we arent going to tolerate calling someone stupid for wearing a vest.

The stupid in this case are the violent thugs and their apologists.

Sorry if this has been stated already, I skimmed a lot of the thugsplaining argument.


I personally know some members of the HAs and associated clubs. To a man they are blue-collar manual labor guys. Some of the older ones have worked their way up to being small business owners. None of them are doctor or lawyer dilettantes.

(I don’t know about any criminal activity, and I wouldn’t tell you if I did.)


Get them to bring back Fight Night! That was an awesome party.

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Brides Of March?

Nobody is saying the “therefore you are wrong” part. You have the right to wear an SOA vest while driving a Prius. You have the right to get drunk in a miniskirt at a frat party. You have the right to count a stack of hundred dollar bills on a subway platform at two in the morning. You should be able to do those things without fear of being harmed. You having done those things is not an affirmative defense for anyone who causes you harm.

None of that means doing those things is not unwise.

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Thanks, Donald.

I’ll concede that point, but I have to say: that it unwise is not a reflection in anyway on the person doing the thing we think is unwise. It is entirely a reflection on the other parties. In fact, I wish I could use a different word other than unwise, since there is an implicit judgement there I don’t mean, but I can’t think of one.

Absolutely it is! Unicycling along the edge of a cliff is unwise, right? That reflects on the wisdom of the unicyclist. Just because there are other responsible parties involved (unlike the cliff or the unicycle) doesn’t mean the victim wasn’t doing something inadvisable. Humans aren’t wild animals, and they are responsible for their own actions, but holding criminals responsible is not incompatible with the notion that potential targets should do what they can to protect themselves. This isn’t victim blaming, this is victim reduction.

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he does not look like a crook. or do you not use the BB word definition?

[quote=“L_Mariachi, post:175, topic:86897”]
I personally know some members of the HAs and associated clubs. To a man they are blue-collar manual labor guys. Some of the older ones have worked their way up to being small business owners. None of them are doctor or lawyer dilettantes. [/quote]

There seems to exist a broad spectrum when it comes to biker gangs, and even between different HA chapters, from blue collar guys that just enjoy drinking and bikes to hardened criminals that deal in human slavery and blow each other up with rocket launchers, so my statement was too generalizing. Anyone that would beat someone up for wearing the wrong clothes is still a grade A scumbag in my book.

Well then this sentence doesn´t mean a whole lot does it :wink:


I doubt the poseur shooting this confrontation has any association with an MC, whether the Viagra commercial old guy with an expensive bike type, or the hardened criminal type with a bag of meth in the gas tank, or any of the points between.

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I never met any MC members, all I know about the HAs, apart from news articles back when they and the Banditos used to kill each other in Scandinavia, I know from Hunter S. Thompson´s book. That said, you´re probably right but real MC members (not the Viagra types) also don´t seem averse to kick someone´s ass on occasion without too much of a cause.

Depends what you consider “cause.” Wearing a fraudulent vest might get you a talking to. Wearing indications of “stolen valor” will get you a talking to outside. Only if you’re sufficiently intransigent or confrontational will you get a beating that doesn’t get interrupted by a bouncer.

Americans talk a big game but statistics show that almost 70% of our drunken arguments don’t end up with someone’s brains all over the parking lot.


I have. I grew up in one of the very few places in the UK with a Hell’s Angels chapter. To a man, they were nasty, racist, violent, wife-beating, drug-dealing motherfuckers. I’m glad I’m nowhere near them any more.


Too optimistic about the likelihood of being surrounded by decent, law-abiding people?

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