Gentleman who thinks Confederates were the good guys in the Civil War gets epically self-owned


Boing Boing always puts me in mind of West Bromwich Albion FC, “The Baggies”.

@mike.jane It is like asking Bexit Supporters exactly which legal powers they want to take back from Brussels.


I actually visit this site at least once a year thanks to autocorrect.


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What is it about this topic that makes some people lose their ability to create paragraphs?


The Supremacy Clause was part of the original Constitution- Madison addressed it in the Federalist Papers in #44 in 1788.

Barring Madison having been a time traveler from the next century; of course.

Shay’s Rebellion- under the Articles of Confederation-in 1786 which President Washington put down and who sought to succeed- was one of the main causes prompting the Constitution- the need for a supreme federal government. And to put down a rebellion.



There were many rebellions regarding slavery and succession from the United States that were put down. The Confederates were just the final one.


It’s true that Lincoln did not prosecute the war in order to abolish slavery. His objective was to overthrow the rebellion and preserve the Union.

The rebellion had been started in order to preserve slavery, though. Consequently there was always the likelihood that the rebellion being overthrown would also result in slavery being overthrown.

The Emancipation Proclamation was issued to harness strong Northern anti-slavery sentiment to the cause of the war at a time when Northern public morale had begun to sag.


Paragraph breaks are also a thing for a reason. Please, rant responsibly and break your screeds into paragraphs to prevent eye-strain in readers - well, where it’s unrelated to eye-rolling anyway


Blimey, that took a long time to get released. Typical Big Government foot-dragging.


I’m just glad JFK managed to get it out before he took that trip to Dallas.


“Muslim-free” gun shop in Florida

Customer: How much for this assault rifle?
Andy Hallinan: 999$ and mandatory consumption of a bacon sandwich


Paragraphs are a liberal conspiracy. Didn’t you know?


Not that surprising when you realize how much wealth Plantation owners had tied up in their slaves. They very well realized the importation of a new supply would inevitably lower the value of the ones that the already owned.


It would appear that Lincoln and Jeff Davis agreed that a country could not exist that was half slave and half free…


I’ve mistyped this site as “boin” which is apparently a genre of breasty manga.


Obligatory reminder that wage exploitation, indentured servitude, prison slavery and chattel slavery are not the same thing.


Correct. Given that we’re discussing these issues with denialists and bigots who tend not to know their civics and history, it’s worth noting further that changes or additions to the original document are enacted by mechanisms known as Amendments.

Apparently these same folks also need “Schoolhouse Rock” lessons in the proper use of paragraphs and capitalisation.


So, the Confederate Constitution mirrored the U.S. Constitution with specificity added concerning Slavery. Nice try though.

The War of Northern Aggression was not fought to free the Slaves. It wasn’t a ‘Civil War’, the Southern States weren’t trying to overthrow or even change the US Government. After years of Abuse of the Constitution, and determining that it wasn’t in their best interest to remain in the US Republic, they withdrew their consent to be governed by the US Government & exercised their Legal Right to Secede. Years earlier, Thomas Jefferson had lamented the fact that the Republic had failed. The Northern States invaded the South purely for Greed. Less than 1% of Northerners were Abolitionists, every Northern State had atrocious Anti-Black Laws, there was no proposed Constitutional Amendment or legislation to free the Slaves, the Northern States, all of which had had Slaves didn’t proclaim freedom for the Slaves & give it to them - they had a multi-year transition period which allowed Northeners to Sell Off their Slaves (What Great Humanitarians they were), Lincoln’s Proclamation (Which, contrary to widely supported propaganda, freed No One) caused massive draft dodging & massive desertions from the Army, . . .

If you need to pretend that the wholesale slaughter of Women, Infants & Children, the Elderly & the Disabled by an Army of Conquest purely for Economic Gain was really for some noble cause, go ahead & be delusional; but, the Truth is that the Cause of the North was Unjust & Criminal.


The South fought to preserve slavery, the North fought to preserve the Union (and in doing so, ended slavery).

The former’s cause was not the more noble of the two.