Gentleman who wanted to show how easy it is to commit voter fraud charged with voter fraud

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The Sherriff who was in on the conspiracy should also face charges.


If this moron had only bothered to pay attention in elementary school civics class, he would have known that the local sheriff isn’t the last word on the law in the U.S.


Ballots. Not Voted.

So he “proved” “voter fraud” by… not actually voting.

Galaxy Brain.


At first I thought this would be a leopards ate my face situation, but he expected to be arrested, so I guess I don’t understand the point he was trying to make.


He was trying to own the libs. What other point is there to be made?



So it was more of a FAFO situation.


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Do you want stupid prizes; 'cause that’s how you win stupid prizes.



Yes, I feel soooo incredibly ‘owned’ by this random asshole getting himself a criminal record, if not serving actual time in jail.

Owned is me.


Should this read “voter fraud”? I thought there was a distinction in that election fraud has to do with rigging the election process itself.

The other distinction, of course, is that election fraud is committed by Republicans, and voter fraud is only committed by Republicans the vast majority of the time.


And, if convicted, he will no longer be able to vote at all


Oh, perfect!


It might have crossed over into conspiracy territory due to the collusion with the local sheriff, who is probably alos a candidate in the election. Depends on the definitions in Wisconsin law.


Thanks. It would be interesting to see what the Wisconsin law says. Maybe the sheriff should be looked into as well. At least for misprision.


The fundamental question is: Why do they think it’s “easy to commit voter fraud?”

I suspect it’s because they fully understand that Republicans have screwed with elections in all kind of ways - such as:

  • The Brooks Brothers Riot of 2000, in which an orchestrated riot to threaten poll workers was cited as justification for the Supreme Court to shut down a vote recount that could have jeopardized a Republican presidency

  • Extreme gerrymandering in places like Wisconsin, in which Republicans overall lose the popular vote in their state, but the election maps are drawn to give Republicans a legislative overwhelming majority anyway (source: “How Gerrymandering Allows a Purple State to Promote Trump’s Big Lie,” The Guardian)

  • Polling place shenanigans, in which voting in Democrat districts is made intensely difficult - fewer polls, shorter hours, longer lines - while voting in Republican districts is convenient (source: “Southern U.S. States Have Closed 1,200 Polling Places in Recent Years,” Reuters)

  • An attorney being convicted of violating campaign finance laws due to delivering unmarked payments to hide a campaign scandal, while “Individual 1,” the candidate who paid for the transaction and was caught on tape directing it, was never even charged because the crime succeeded and he was elected to public office

  • Betsy DeVos’s “All Children Matter” PAC illegally using out-of-money to bolster the campaigns of Republican candidates (in exchange for those elected officials supporting her cockamamie experiments with Ohio charter schools), getting convicted of campaign finance reform and fined $5.3 million, and then not paying a dime of it to the state of Ohio - and Republican politicians refusing to make her do so (source: “Trump’s Education Secretary Pick Led Group that Owes Millions in Election Fines,” Politico)

  • Florida Republicans illegally running a sham candidate in Seminole County, siphoning off 4,800 votes from the Democrat and tipping the election to Republican candidate Jason Brodeur by 300 votes, without any challenge to the election results (source: “Seminole GOP Chair Guilty of Illegal Campaign Contribution in ‘Ghost’ Candidate Scandal,” Daytona-Beach News Journal)

  • Republicans threatening poll workers in 2020 and eventually staging a violent insurrection in 2021 against Congress, and to date no charges being filed against the ringleaders of that effort

  • Ron DeSantis issuing executive orders to relax voting rules in response to Hurricane Ian… but only in Republican counties (source: “Anger as DeSantis Eases Voting Rules in Republican Areas Hit by Hurricane,” The Guardian)

So when Republicans see their candidates playing all of these dirty tricks (which their constituents support because “winning is a virtue”), and Democrats somehow still win some elections, their only explanation is that Democrats must be cheating even harder.

Our democracy is in peril.


The Constitutional Sheriffs idea has a long and ugly pedigree. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sheriff is a card carrying member.


I’ve seen enough cases where right wingers are equating absentee ballots, voter registrations and actual votes cast that I’m genuinely not sure if these folks understand the distinction between the three or not. I suppose it doesn’t matter if the reaction is the same.

I think he expected to be arrested on some false charge or other for exposing how easy it is to commit fraud, not for the actual illegal thing he did.


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