Geographer makes maps that reveal river networks as veins


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Very nice.

A fav book of mine that has lots of really great map art is: The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography It’s full of many unexpected creations.



Wish he’d do a version of this without national boundaries, the river systems of North America which would show how connected Canada, the USA, and Mexico are.


Veins - or savoy cabbage?


I’m not sure “beautiful” is the right descriptor. “Interesting but a bit visceral?”


Varicose veins?


To the left of ‘Europe’ (across the ocean… open floor space) is a bull right about where Mexico would be. Bullfights? Hm.


Yeah, and the green ones from an old Vulcan.


If this could be combined with maps of fracking activity, what would we see - DVT, embolisms, or sepsis?


All three, proceeded by convulsions.


It’s interesting to me that these maps resemble veins so much and yet arteries look the same but travel in the opposite direction.

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