Geographer makes maps that reveal river networks as veins

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Very nice.

A fav book of mine that has lots of really great map art is: The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography It’s full of many unexpected creations.



Wish he’d do a version of this without national boundaries, the river systems of North America which would show how connected Canada, the USA, and Mexico are.


Veins - or savoy cabbage?


I’m not sure “beautiful” is the right descriptor. “Interesting but a bit visceral?”

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Varicose veins?

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To the left of ‘Europe’ (across the ocean… open floor space) is a bull right about where Mexico would be. Bullfights? Hm.

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Yeah, and the green ones from an old Vulcan.

If this could be combined with maps of fracking activity, what would we see - DVT, embolisms, or sepsis?

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All three, proceeded by convulsions.

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It’s interesting to me that these maps resemble veins so much and yet arteries look the same but travel in the opposite direction.

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