George Conway's biting column holds a mirror up to Trump supporters, and it ain't pretty

Witches don’t deserve that kind of slander.


I’m reminded of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream. (Also, now I get the joke – I think there was a ceramics studio in Austin called “Feats of Clay.”)


He can be. Via the 25th amendment.

Unfortunately all the people qualified to 25a trump benefit from the country being desroyed via rampant corruption. They’d literally be derailing their own gravy train.


I’m half-convinced that their public disagreement is part of some sort of domination/submission stuff they’ve got going on.


"Check out the crabs in the bucket" - k-os



Here is the problem. They aren’t viewing Trump vs Biden in reality.

They are viewing Trump vs the caricature of Biden that has been created.

My USPS friend, NY Republican, ripped into Trump about that whole 1917 Flu ended WWII. Still had someone chime in how Biden is an even bigger idiot who has dementia and can’t form a complete sentence, yadda yadda.


…that they somehow inexplicably conflate with freedom.


Fascism’s very freeing if you’re the fascist.


Yep. These are the same “Christians” who have made it clear that “religious liberty” means being able to dictate how other people live their lives. I.e. their “freedom” is the freedom to impose their values on others. Their idea of “loss of freedom” is other people having autonomy.


Be a part of something greater than yourself!

Yes, very freeing. " He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."

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Over here in UK we recognise this as the Daily Mail Syndrome.


When I lived there for a short period I was told it was “making them move to Grantham.”

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I’m laughing way too hard at that, well done sir :sweat_smile:

As a subscriber to WaPo, I promise you
right wingnuts read it.
Then they troll,
but there they are every day, back again.

It’s almost as though they liked being told they’re idiots.


That’s because Marc Thiessen and Henry Olsen don’t have anything better to do with their time.

These are the same “Christians” who have made it clear that “religious liberty” means being able to dictate how other people live their lives.

Religious liberty: a belief in one’s God-given right – nay, mandate! – to force others to abide by the precise subset of strictures of one’s personal religious belief system which one believes should apply to others, while one blithely ignores any onerous (or even mildly inconvenient) strictures from that same belief system that should apply to oneself.

Thus you end up with situations like that hypocritical piece of human garbage in Kentucky – herself a divorcee living in what Jesus Himself clearly labelled a sinful, adulterous sham “marriage,” – taking it upon herself to protect the sanctity of marriage from the gays, in Jesus’s name, the same Jesus who said unequivocally that to divorce and remarry is to commit adultery.

Years ago, I had one of them spewing Leviticus at me, ‘a man shall not lie with a man,’ blah blah blah. So I said something like, “The first nine chapters of Leviticus lay out in tedious, painstaking detail how one is to select and prepare one’s burnt offerings to the Lord, that the pleasing and hopefully calming aroma of its charred flesh might placate Him in His apparently unceasing bloodlust and stay His violent, unpredictable hand against you, at least for a little while. Have you prepared your burnt offering today in accordance with the Levitical code? No? Then STFU, sinner.”

This notion that we should be living our lives today according to the rantings of a bunch of ignorant savages burning their animal sacrifices thousands of years ago to glorify some angry desert blood god … it hurts my brain.

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world who believe in some version of an old man, Creator of all, who lives in the sky and is watching each of us individually all the time because he is deeply, personally concerned with what we eat and do with our genitalia … If I ever really start thinking about it, it just makes me deeply, deeply sad for us all.


Like the small-h homer from Shelbyville vengefully biting into a spite lemon and just managing to keep the smirk on his face.