George Conway's biting column holds a mirror up to Trump supporters, and it ain't pretty

It’s not a coincidence that white evangelical Christianity came about at the same time as the modern Republican party - both crystalizing their views in response to (and against) civil rights and integration. White evangelicals further decided that they’d build their churches around core issues that didn’t affect their hetero, male church “fathers” - homophobia and abortion.


Yes. Definitely easier to believe in Trump when you still think all Democrats are running a secret pedophile sex ring in mythical basements somewhere, along with all the other laughably bonkers conspiracy theories they subscribe to. The fact that there’s absolutely no evidence, and that they have to ignore overwhelming evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing that piles higher every single day, appears not to bother them.

The fact that there’s absolutely no evidence,

You just have to think like a conspiracy nut: The less evidence there is, the more it proves how sinister and total the coverup is, and the more important it becomes to expose the hidden truth!

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