George RR Martin says fans ask for more explicit sex scenes


I’d say the fans had an appetitive for “slash fiction” but most of his characters die by the blade already.


“I don’t pretend to understand this,” ah ha ha ha, oh George you scamp.

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I’m pretty sure most authors have a few fans who want more explicit sex scenes. The whole slash genre exists because authors won’t satisfy the collective need for Star Trek and My Little Pony crossover porn.

What George RR Martin fans REALLY want is for him to finish the freakin’ books already so we don’t find out six years later that we were reading the fantasy-murder-porn equivalent of Lost.

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Fans HBO Executives


go on…?


C’mon guys: Jon Snow gets it on w/ the Red Woman; they give birth to some chimeras who turn out (due to Jon’s true heritage) to be half-blood Targaryens. Since they can also fly and spit fire, they go off and rescue their second cousin, Danerys, wipe out the White Riders – since they are really good at heating rock to create dragonglass – and save the kingdom. A little later, they blast half the rock-pile at Gibraltar, causing the second Zanclean flood, which Cueball and Megan barely escape on their way to a new home.


I just want to know what the goddamned polar bears have to do with anything.

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The ‘slash fiction’ is already there, they’re just clamoring for ‘flash fiction’.

Well, there’s always a limit to what sexual simulations legit actors will put up with. Er. Did I say actors? Not putting up with sex? Never mind.

Flash slash?

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It was an Easter egg spoiler: Winter Is Coming.

Talk about mashups!

I don’t know. They are characterized by angle and distance, could that mean something?


After humanity released a MacGuffin that triggered a new ice age, polar bears flourished while what was left of humanity retreated to the equator

These bears gradually formed their own civilization and after evolving opposeable thumbs developed a talent for metalsmithing, putting particular passion into their armor, which they saw as the ultimate expression of their general awesomeness.

One bear (with a quite Norse-sounding name that I can’t recall, they liked such things) was exiled for dabbling in forbidden magics and had his armor stripped. During his wanderings he came across an excellent abandoned cave with some strangely out of place human bones within, and, curiosity piqued, it wasn’t long before he discovered the wreckage of a crashed train.

He began to plot and scheme his revenge and, using the bonus evil powers inherent in the suffering contained within the train, he cast his magical masterpiece and infused the human bones with life. He gave them the impetus to seek out and destroy any bears they could find and the ability to recruit allies from the dead. Not bears though, humans and horses mostly.

His plans to get one to the other humans was quite brilliant but he was never able to enact it because his new weapons quickly noticed that he was a bear.

Having no minions to infect, they eventually froze until, as ages passed, the MacGuffin began to break down and, as MacGuffins do, started a cycle of warming and cooling of the climate that once again started to wreak havoc on the planet. Most of the humans lost the remainder of their civilization and while the race survived they became practically aboriginal. The bears meanwhile had advanced tremendously and most of them had left the planet.

A small number, however took their advanced skill at genetic engineering and their predilection with armor to the logical extreme. They modified themselves so that they could survive even the hottest weather as what were essentially living suits of armor, with wings to fly and the ability to form a sort of ‘resting cyst’ during times of drought that looked much like an egg. Most of them eventually also left the planet but a small number of their feral children remained.

The humans began again to develop their own civilization and during a particularly warm stretch stumbled across one of the cursed weapons left behind. The plague quickly spread and was limited only because it was constrained to the cold. They could sense the few remaining bears on the planet despite their new form, but they rarely met because the bears could fly now and didn’t particularly like the cold. The plague did all it could do, infect. The humans, being the vector and unfortunate victims of said infection, began to learn to fight back.

Or die. Lots died.

Fast forward a few climate fluctuations and in one tiny part of the world some clever humans made a huge wall of magical ice.

Fast forward a bit later and some bears (now ‘dragons’) have recently been hatched from their resting cysts and are being well fed by their human servants while the original weapons (now ‘white walkers’) and their plague (now ‘wights’) are gearing up for an epic battle if Mr Martin gets off his butt and finishes the series.

So right now it’s bear on bear-made-weapon action with a bunch of humans in the middle.

Also, Hodor. Who is another sort of bear.

That about sum it up, sir?


I heard Sesame Street fans asked for them too, but they just got a timeout.

It’s a crossover with the 1983 Bakshi/Frazetta movie.

I figure the ending is a lot of explicit sex.

Fifty shades of Hodor?


Any fandom of an ongoing serial will develop a lot of theories about the direction and the ending of the story. Telling us that some readers have figured it out doesn’t offer a clue which of several broad families of theories it might be.

Also, I must admit that every time I see another interview with GRRM, I just end up feeling frustrated. They mostly amount to:
Q: What happens next?
A: You’ll find out when you read the book.
Q: When does the book come out?
A: I can’t say exactly, but about six months later than the last time you asked me, about six months ago.

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