George Santos claimed he produced the biggest Broadway flop of all time

@thomdunn Does that mean it was shipped to someone else, but you signed for it?


Where is sexual misconduct on the Santos bingo card?

Former aide accuses Republican George Santos of sexual misconduct


The company I used to work for received the Regional Theatre Tony when I was there. So we didn’t “win” because it’s more of an honorary thing than a competition. But we still got to attend the awards as winners, and the heads of the company were presented with awards on stage. So it was still a pretty cool experience!


Sounds like it! Much better than receiving as in Shipping and Receiving.


It doesn’t matter how much he lied or if he keeps lying. He won election and he’s in Congress.

The only scandal that could possibly push him out is finding a dead underage boy in his hotel room while he’s on a junket with the Committee on Small Business.

Having recused himself from committes until he’s cleared his name (whatever that may be) he’s set until 2024 when the voters he deceived vote him out of office.

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The GOP is punching us in the face

The Democrats punch us in the gut


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