CNN confronts George Santos with montage of his big fat whoppers (video)

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The arrogance of this schmo matches his dishonesty. He came on the show believing that everyone, including Burnett, is as gullible as he believes they are.


I have to wonder: what’s the ideal outcome for posing these “unanswerable” questions? There seem to be very few possible responses:

  1. Deflect - Pretty obvious, easy to shoot down, embarrassing
  2. Double down - See above
  3. Freeze - Just embarrassing and weird
  4. Admit defeat - Never going to happen

I don’t understand why these guys go on these news shows, there’s no winning for them. All their options are either digging their holes deeper or tanking their careers. They must be in some kind of headspace where there’s a positive outcome, but I can’t imagine what it would be.

As for the news shows, is it just to embarrass them? They can’t be expecting anything else. Not that embarrassing them is useless, it’s just kind of weird to keep doing it over and over with seemingly no practical effect. Do exposès instead.


It has always worked for him in the past. Why change now? I’m sure he looks at Trumpy and say, I could do that.

And the news shows are doing it for the clicks. Their social media pages will fill up with “watch X destroy y”


He’s toast. His district hates him. Republicans in his own district hate him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they primaried him. While McCarthy needs Santos—because he’s a warm body with an “R” after his name—so far he hasn’t done anything to actively help him (as opposed to passively helping him by declining to do things), and that will likely continue. If even the Republican-controlled House ethics committee finds that he committed wrongdoing, I doubt McCarthy would come to his aid in a year where they’d already be defending their presidential candidate against 91 criminal charges in four different jurisdictions.


He has skills. I bet he’ll be able to talk himself into the cell with the best view.


I think he’s just grounded in reality enough to know his bullshit isn’t going to work on whoever is interviewing him, but it might just work on his target audience (attacking Biden to appeal to MAGAts), and he clearly lies to get attention he’s desperate for, even when it’s negative (e.g. his lies about being responsible for the disastrous Spider-Man musical). There’s no rational reason for him coming on, as I don’t think any of what motivates him is particularly rational.


… it’s weird to imagine that compulsive liars think everybody believes them

but they must, or they wouldn’t do it :thinking:


i love that we get to pay the salary of this asshole while he walks around all day doing nothing. and why does he get to do nothing? because he lied and cheated his way to congress and even his own party won’t allow him anywhere near any actual congressional activity. i can’t stand it.


Like @fitzador said, his career as a Congressman from New York is already over, so at this point I think it’s a pure “all publicity is good publicity” play.

Fame is incredibly valuable in 21st century America. If you have no shame (and he clearly doesn’t), it doesn’t matter if you’re famous solely for being a lying dipshit–you’re still famous. So any time he can get on national TV he’s going to take it, even if every appearance simply reminds everyone that he’s a lying dipshit. That’s his brand now! And he’s banking on being able to convert that brand (George Santos Lying Dipshit®) into a future career of paid appearances on third-tier Republican grifter festival stages and reality TV shows once his term in Congress (and, probably, his term in prison) ends.


His handler: “Don’t worry about what they ask you, George, or of what they may show you, okay? Just – you know – don’t deflect… right? And call them out there.”


Santos: “I’m not deflecting, but I’m just going to call you out here.”

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