George Santos isn't the only phony in Congress — meet Rep. Andy Ogles (TN), whoever he is

I strongly suspect that if you are a popular member of the right church or get the pastor to vouch for you, yer in.


Or just say you are.


We might as well ask “Can’t we all just get along?” The answer is clearly no.

We can’t even trust the GOP to be honest about vital intelligence on weapons of mass destruction when deciding whether or not to go to war. It is clearly and literally too much to hope that candidates are who they say they are, and it is the responsibility of the press, and also of candidates, to do basic due diligence and fact-checking.


would it be nice if the press called them out before hand? of course. they’re also underfunded - especially at the local level - and we should be thanking them when they do uncover things, not tut tuting that they didnt move fast enough

ditto for the candidates. i seriously want them worried about their constituents and the issues. letting the gop set the frame is always a losing prospect

i think part of our responsibility as citizens is reminding conservatives that, yes, there are standards for them too. ( and most importantly, consequences. )

they don’t get to be off the hook just because they suck. much as they themselves try to make that argument


Genuine question: do representatives not have security clearances? One would think they’d get vetted by the FBI between the election and their first day on the job?


It’s automatic with the job.


Raphael Warnock being awesome.

Stacy Abrams getting out the vote.


I know about George Santos “Kitara” Anthony Devolder and now Andy Ogles but who is the third @IronEdithKidd?


Thank you @alwayslurking They’re getting hard to keep up with.

Security clearances aren’t necessary for elected officials who have responsibility for oversight of national security activities.

Which is a good thing, since most of them don’t have the attention span or problem solving capacity to fill out an e-QIP.

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