George Washington's smallpox inoculation mandate

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Nice story, but everyone knows that Washington was actually injecting the troops with tiny semaphore telegraphs to track their every move on behalf of the (((elites))).


Washington wasn’t president yet, in fact the United States didn’t even exist, so no constitution or bill of rights.

In other words, a Libertarian paradise.


Not true.

A colonist by the name of Michayele Llindelle , a well known purveyor of Mine Pfeather Pillowes, had Ye Olde Evidence that proved "Fmallpoxxe was a hoaxe”.


January 6th? Mildly interesting coincidence.


Notably the Colonial method, inherited from Africa [1] only applied a small amount of serum via shallow scratches, resulting in a much milder infection than the British method. The protocol also isolated the patients until the fever passed, keeping them from transmitting it.

[1] The Brits were determined to prove their medical superiority to lesser people by making deep cuts and stuffing them with serum. This not only resulted in much worse infections from the virus but also more secondary infections from whatever other organisms were in the serum. It was feared with good reason given the death rate from the procedure. Others, including Scotts and some Southerners, kept records and had very few (in one case zero from something 1000 subjects) deaths. Case mortality from smallpox was high enough to make Covid look benign.


No need to give anti-vax types even the semantic win here; in the modern sense of the word, “vaccination” is exactly what Washington ordered.

The original “vaccine” was called that because it used the closely-related cowpox virus rather than the smallpox virus itself. But everyday modern usage doesn’t make that distinction; for example, we call the Sabin live-virus polio vaccine a “vaccine”.


Symbols on dollar bills… Templars… yawn Freemasons… Illuminati… begins to snore softly


What a terrible, terrible man, infringing on the inalienable rights of his freedom loving troops like that. Certainly a socialist. Maybe even a communist dictator.

We should tear down every statue of him and burn his portrait in the public square.


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