Unvaccinated high school student is suing the health department for banning him from school during a chicken pox outbreak

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Look, when you take a brave public stand for your principles, you have to expect some blowback. You think the Liberals of Godless Medicine are going to just ignore your strong witness? You should teach them a lesson by finding an infected kid and licking them. Then, instead of winning their football games for them, you can stay home and scratch your lesions. Take that, demon-crats! Who is John Galt?


And let the little ones suffer ailments curable and defeated so that they may know my everlasting glory.

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I’m a wee bit sympathetic to the argument that his faith prevents him from being vaccinated (I think he’s lying or misunderstands his religion, but assume he’s being earnest).

The Kentucky public health department isn’t forcing him to be vaccinated, it’s removing his basketball playing privileges. Unless his religion also demands he participate in school sports, I don’t see the conflict.


Why can’t they just allow him to exercise his freedom to be a public health hazard? It’s not like there’s any contact or air exchange in basketball.


Worth noting that Chickenpox vaccine is not MMR: chickenpox doesn’t kill like Measles does, and the vaccine is not routinely given in the UK:

Obvs religious reasons are shit reasons for refusing a vaccine and the school’s perfectly within its right to tell him to sod off, but not all common childhood diseases are the same. Absolutely the best thing that can happen to someone with a healthy immune system who has not been vaccinated against chickenpox is that they catch it before they are an adult.


When I was a kid, everyone had gotten chicken pox before high school. It’s amazing how fast that changed, no thanks to assholes like this.


FFS curing diseases was literally one of the things Jesus was known for.


I have no sympathy – he’s a danger regardless. And school is not the only place he goes – I’m sure he hasn’t been banned from fast food joints and 7-Elevens.


Why do you need the last games of basketball when you have “Christian faith”?


Before anyone in with “Oh, those religious in Kentucky” I have a story from the very same town this is happening in.

At a wedding reception, I was chatting with a friend’s date. They are visiting from back east, so it’s a rare chance to catch up. Brother in law of the friend marches over to us, drunk, with and angry expression. I’m thinking “Uh oh.” Dude starts demanding “When are you going to make an honest man of him.” They guy I’m talking to admits they already are. They kept it quiet because … Kentucky. Drunk dude and everyone else around smile, give their congratulations, and carry on partying.

TL;DR I was almost witness to a shotgun gay wedding in Kentucky.


So, can any of the students or faculty at the school sue his ignorant ass when they get the pox he carries?


There are a lot of people out there who are 1) immunosuppressed, and 2) in poor health such that a case of chickenpox would be devastating.


Well, seeing as the school district isn’t forcing him to get vaccinated but rather prohibiting from attending school while sick with a highly contagious disease, he should have fun setting that money on fire trying to make a first amendment case. Ain’t no freedom to be a big bag of viruses anywhere you damn well please in the Constitution as I recall.


Why didn’t his Christian Faith prevent him from getting the pox in the first place? Oh right, he’s being Tested.


The article doesn’t seem to indicate that he’s one of the people who came down with Chicken Pox, just that the school is keeping him and other similarly unvaccinated people away in an attempt to control an ongoing outbreak.


I don’t know, I think you need to check scripture again…


My reply to him is “fuck you and the fucking horse you rode in on. Go to a Christian school like the MAGA hat wearing assholes”

EDIT: Yes I know he goes to a Christian school…I was suggesting he’s an ASSHOLE like the Catholic school MAGA hat kids…also from Northern KY.

Jesus…keep up with the sarcasm for fucks sake. Always so quick to jump on “OMG YOU MADE A MISTAKE IMMA POINT IT OUT!!!”


I wouldn’t even feed him to a lion.

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Fake Jesus is easily recognizable by his high-top sneakers, and extremely foul mouth.