Georgia cops pay $100K for jailing woman who said "Fuck the police"

Man… Fuck the police!


I wonder what she said on her way out of court that day as she passed the defendants…


My generation: ftp= file transfer protocol
Kids these days: ftp= f the popo
I’m voting for “Fight The Power” as the next iteration.


Of course, she’s still got an arrest record which will make her nearly unemployable, and affect her ability to vote, own firearms, and receive public assistance for the rest of her life.


Even if there is no official process, surely the taxpayers of the area would be interested to know who managed to cost them $100k in a dickwaving contest?


Except the cop isn’t paying any of that money. So, likely the lesson will be lost.

Of course, she's still got an arrest record which will make her nearly unemployable, and affect her ability to vote, own firearms, and receive public assistance for the rest of her life.

I don’t think being arrested will result in any of that happening; at least it hasn’t for me. Getting convicted may, if it’s a felony.

Not that I’m siding w. the cops here, just making the point that the judge dismissed the charges against her. So those ramifications are not applicable.

Of course, nothing would stop Cobb County’s finest from harassing the eff out of her-if it was me I’d take my $100K & move far away…

It’s Cobb County. They gave us Newt Gingrich, anti-evolution stickers in public school textbooks, and an official government declaration of condemnation of the homosexual lifestyle. The majority of the residents there likely think 100K is money well spent to toss this woman in jail, even if just for a day.


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Huh? <lolwhut?>

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Apologies, I’m slow today and confused. (as proof of that, I initially replied to myself :confused:)

Because it’s so depressing?

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Well, if they will settle for just putting you in solitary for 24 hours…

It’s the beatings and body cavity searches and restraint chairs that make that day really problematic…
[/quote] You left out the part about the rectally administered t-bone steak dinner. This is amurica.


No, the taxpayers of Cobb County are paying $100,000 for their failure to elect local officials who will recruit suitable police officers and ensure that the police department is run in an appropriate manner.

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Just taking exception to your use of the term ‘scum’, even in sarcasm: scum is what you find on top; I think you meant dregs.


Sorry, should clarify:

Not a bad payoff for a days work for the lawyer

although in all likelihood a job that pays $50K-$100K a year would value the employee enough to absorb an unexpected days absence, if only due to the costs of doing recruitment.

I wonder what the fees were and how much money, if any, the victim of the police action received? Given the state of justice in the USA, I really wouldn’t be surprised if the courts ordered the police to give $100K of public money to a charity by way of recompense, and the police were able to select the Darren Wilson defence fund.

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While I appreciate the humor in that, you (un?)intentionally highlighted the difference between a privately-run message board and the publicly-run government agency that is the police. The first can delete whatever it wants and ban you from their boards, but still cannot have you arrested for writing that. The second cannot, in theory, stop you from uttering those words in general. You could be stopped, e.g., for saying “fuck Barney the Purple Dinosaur” while standing in a kindergarten classroom.

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Even just being arrested can affect your ability to get DoD clearance, for one example. Probably screws up your CORI status as well.

It’s true in general you can say “fuck the police”, but you might reasonably expect saying “fuck the police” directly to an officer gets that officer mad and gets you in the cells at the station briefly.

Depends on the juristrictions, but police can typically hold you at the scene for an hour, and without charge for 24 hours to investigate whether a crime took place. If someone goes out of their way to deliberately antagonise an officer, the officer might decide to push back. Who knows, we weren’t there.

They can do so, but not legally. The overextension of the “interfering with police business” catch-all is the problem here. What we (some of us) would like to see is officer retraining so they learn not to give a crap what nasty words are being slung about. Ideally, the police would remember “To Serve and Protect” rather than “To SWAT and Civil-Forfeit” .


So we meet… Nemesis.