Georgia gubernatorial candidate holding a bump stock giveaway

…said the career politician.


He stated that he was trying to bring attention to the possible exclusion of the sale of bump stocks to any meaningful reform of gun sales. Did I miss something?

Right and modern militaries generally don’t bother with machine guns in a variety of calibers. Because that accuracy problem totally doesn’t mesh with a fixed, concealed gun placement involving bipods/mounts and plentiful ammo carefully placed near a crowded choke point. Its not like that’s some sort of magical, key tactical circumstance that maximizes the effect of full auto fire. To the point where it in some ways defines the use of automatic weapons in the field.

Eta: I seem to have been flagged for rolling with the sarcasm that was already present. Point being: this guy set himself a specific circumstance where automatic fire would be just about as deadly as it can be. And the specific circumstance where automatic fire is called for in military situations. Guy understood what he was doing, The shortcomings of automatic fire, And how to work around them. Any argument that “automatic fire is less deadly/accurate” is disingenuous in that regard. Because this is the exact situation where that is least true.


That’s what I read from that too what I missed was any commitment to meaningful gun reform. Maybe the guy has a record of initiatives against open carry, concealed carry, semi automatic rifles, and the NRA.

Or maybe he’s a smart arse smug career politician who cares not one bit about the gun death rate but only about trolling citizens for likes and lols.


Bump stock giveaway: Because inaccurate gunfire never killed anyone.


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Wouldn’t his political stunt cause him to be liable for any gun deaths caused while using one of his giveaway bump stocks? Looking for a silver lining here.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say your bring sarcastic.

On the if binder that you’re not, I’ll point out that the whole “pros use semi-auto” thing only applies when you’re talking about a point target, not an area target.

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Shhhh! You’re going to get Jerry Miculek in trouble!

And he doesn’t even need to bump fire.

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Yes, you missed the part where he called for any sort of reform to gun sales, because he made no such call. He is calling for something to be done about gun violence rather than gun sales. From further on in his announcement:

“If politicians wanted to have a real conversation on reducing gun violence, they would be discussing mental health awareness, and ways to reduce the weekly bloodbath in Chicago and other inner cities. You cannot regulate evil out of existence. Blaming guns or bump stocks for the actions of a lunatic, is the same as blaming McDonald’s for heart disease,” continued Williams. “I will stand up for the Second Amendment against liberals and weak Republicans who wish to limit our freedoms. Not only that, I will continue to call out Democrats and Republicans who provide cheap talk and excuses rather than solutions."

In other words, he’s just doing what gun lovers always do. He’s deflecting the discussion away from gun control and towards mental health and inner city violence. And in case that’s not clear, he’s blaming gun violence on the mentally ill and inner city minorities.


True, he is. So, ARE McDonald’s responsible for heart disease or what?

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Responsible? No. Accountable because of their advertising and menu items they know are absolutely contributing to them problem? Yes.


Oh shit. Shame old weak bullshit then?
And here I was thinking; “well this is new.”



The Stupid is strong in this one…

This is true. One can also use rubber bands, belt loops, and other methods to do the same job. On some types of rifles that have a handle sticking out on the bolt (i.e. the M1 Garand, Mini 14, AKs, and even some brands of AR15s) you can use a shoe string to make your simulate full auto. The bump stock just made it easier and with out some cobbled together looking contraption.

NOTE 1 - there actually doesn’t need to be a new law on bump stocks. The ATF already has the power to ban them by declaring that such a device makes it a machine gun. The have done this on - literally - a shoe string.

Note 2 - The ATF signed off on the original bump stocks.

Note 3 - if they reopened the NFA registry on machine guns (which require an extensive background check and requires EVERY item to be registered and restricts movement between states with out approval) then the astronomical prices on them due to artificial scarcity means no one would be trying to come up with work arounds. Or such work-arounds would just be classified as NFA items and regulated as such.


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