Georgia gubernatorial candidate holding a bump stock giveaway


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did someone say “cheap political stunt”?
cause I’m pretty sure this is a textbook example


It would seem to be a cheep political stunt intended to expose other cheep political stunts, actually…or, I dunno’…not.


My gun expert claims you don’t need a bump stock to bump fire.

Bump stocks are a gimmick to sell to schmucks, according to him. He says that’s why the NRA doesn’t care if they are regulated out of existence, right now threats of regulation are driving dollars into gun stores and that’s what the NRA likes… schmucks with money.


TGOP: Killing US citizens since…


I’m pretty sure that when you’re shooting at a crowd of 22,000 people, accuracy is not one of your biggest concerns.


I suggest everyone fill out the form to keep them off of rifles that may become weapons of mass shootings


Does the “G” in GOP stand for “Genocide?”


So just ban the actual guns instead? Excellent fucking idea.


Didn’t that proposal come from the Right as an alternative to anything real?

“Because guns don’t kill people, bump stocks kill people!”


Clearly, that’s because yer a haplophobe. A gun grabber. A lieberall. And definitely not a pro.

“Many more would’ve died actually because if you talk to people who know a lot about guns they say pros don’t even fire on fully automatic because they can’t hit anything,” Carlson insisted.


There does seem to be an historically-connected mindset.


I don’t think this was parody.


For fuck’s sake just ban guns already. I don’t care how logistically or politically difficult it is. Make the goddamned things illegal, we don’t need them anymore.


Bump stocks are certainly not necessary to bumpfire, but they do make it easier, and open up the market to unskilled mass shooters who want to devastate crowds with no practice.


Yeah, that’s why we didn’t spend all of WWI developing light machine guns for firing on full auto at crowds of enemies. Right.


That’s pretty much the fundamental intellectual dishonesty of the argument. No, you don’t fire on full auto. Why not? 1: it’s really hard to hit one person on full auto, 2: when you do hit the person, you used a lot more ammo than you needed to. A spree shooter cares about neither of these.


NARRATOR: Carlson had not talked to people who know a lot about guns.