Ha the irony, Trump is coming for their guns, not Obama

not that I have a problem with them doing this, long overdue, but getting some popcorn while we watch

Trump administration will ban bump-stock devices like the kind used in the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, a decision that is scheduled to go into effect in three months


Great, they waited well after the rush to buy hoard them was over, Sheesh. :roll_eyes:

Alternate take: pure unbridled market manipulation. Following a predictable boom in bump stock sales, the legal challenge to the order makes its way to the Supreme Court, where it is overturned without a challenge from the turnip justice dept.

Boom in gun sales overall, probably.

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Over on Breitbart, they are pretty fired up about this development.

It’s quite amusing, but also very interesting that such a small thing is killing the support of his base.

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Mm. Will the ban cover trigger mods like the DigiTrigger or the Hellfire?

Looks like not, and these are even easier to install than a bump stock and probably have a smaller impact on accuracy.

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Yeah, these devices have no legitimate practical use.

They’re advertised as fun range toys. That’s great. Banning them doesn’t violate the second ammendment. Your gun still works just fine.

The other use is to shoot wildly into a general area. Like a crowd.

Ban them. They have no sporting purpose. Makes the gun a destructive device.


So much this.


Sure, let people use them on the range. And then lock them up on-premises when they go home.

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