Georgia Senator, asked about voter suppression, mugs constituent for his phone


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Seems about right.


What a dazzling display of immaturity. It really put the petty in petty theft.

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Can’t even rise above the level of cartoon villainy.


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So what does it take to charge a senator with robbery? Other than actual video footage??


It was entirely justified. That’s how I behave if someone records video of me in portrait mode. (More seriously, this guy is a fucking asshole)


Beat him. I don’t my strategically. Take a large stick and beat the livin’ fuck out of him.

(Don’t touch my God Damned shit!)


I hope the phone is worth in excess of $500 so it’s a felony…


You kid, but Georgia has stand your ground and theft of a phone could be a felony depending on the model…


The kid should file charges.


After stealing an election, stealing a phone is small potatoes.




Ladies and gentlemen, American kleptocracy in action.


One of Purdue’s constituents asked him a question about his endorsement of Kemp in light of this blatant, illegal voter suppression, whereupon the senator stole his constituent’s phone and walked away with it.

No, he didn’t. Theft in law requires the intent to deprive the owner of the stolen object permanently (or at least for a prolonged period). He held onto the guy’s phone for like ten seconds then gave it back.

He’s still a giant asshole, and it’s probably still some kind of crime (battery, perhaps), but how about we report accurately on the shitty things Republicans do, rather than doing exactly the same shit the right-wing media does and lying for dramatic effect, hm?


Okay, then, we can agree that he didn’t commit the crime of theft when he stole the guy’s phone.


Senator Purdue grabbed it and took off.


Which means he didn’t steal it.

He snatched the guy’s phone. He took the guy’s phone. He grabbed the guys phone. He didn’t steal it. Why are you so insistent on using the one word that actually doesn’t apply other than because you want to make the situation sound even worse than it is? Do you think it isn’t bad enough?

We can’t complain about the right-wing press distorting the truth and misrepresenting the facts if we’re just going to turn around and do the same fucking thing. It’s hypocritical and does nothing except provide ammunition for the right to point at and go “LOOK FAKE NEWS!!!”


It took me a minute on google to find and read the relevant Georgia statute. You should consider doing the same before posting nonsense like this.