German gamer angry


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Mostly the word “fuck” in various combinations.


English subs to the rescue.


It’s mostly variations on “I’ve fucked your mom, you damned son-of-a-whore”. Classy…


Dude was big on anal sex with moms. Does he ever listen to his ranting and think, “I really should diversify my ranty insults…”?


This is why the BBS has audio chat disabled in the condiment threads.


Aside from the ranty, asshole, mom-raping stuff he seems like a pretty decent guy.


so a normal online game session then?


People get really salty talking about mayonnaise.


Cool! I always wondered what happened to that kid way back when. Now he’s all grown up, sniff.


curious why it’s so important that he did it when he was 8 years old. Why 8? Why then? So many questions.


Who says gamers don’t exercise enough?


Not knowing a lot of German, this sounds like a conversation between Adolph Hitler and Kurt Weill.


It gets echo-y at around 30" in, I wonder if it’s the Alps…


I turned the subtitles on. I liked the calm “Du hast keine Penis” at the end.


Funny because I got subtitles, even though I didn’t need any.


I hope this kid has a microphone. Otherwise his greatest wisdom may have been lost for all time…
Wait… why is he on camera?


So what actually happened - what is he so angry about?

Did he think he had killed the other player, but because of the other player’s lag, it turned it he hadn’t?

Side note: I game a bit, and I enjoy watching Kotaku’s Highlight Reels with my son. Some of the time, I can’t tell what was supposed to be funny/glitchy/awesome in the videos though (especially in Overwatch, which may play wonderfully, but to watch these vids it’s just a colourful blur).


Hmmm? :no_mouth:


I shouldn’t need subtitles, but the shouting was so loud and echoed so much that the subtitles definitely helped.