German government giving up on digital reassembly of shredded Stasi files, resorting to manual puzzlings


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If they supply the peanut butter, my dog will have it done by Friday.


I am thinking of the earlier Shredder Challenge issued by DARPA on this very topic. Perhaps this could be restarted as the “bonus round.”


Maybe some of those Iranian craftsmen from the 1979 revolution are still around to do the work.


Is the Church of Scientology not eligible for Most Invasive Surveillance State? Because they seem to to turn every member into a snitch.


Scene: An intelligence analyst in Germany’s FIS gets the report on the shredded files.

Gunther: “Oh, goody! I love puzzles!”


May I offer you an Umlaut? Oh, and obligatorily:


Yes. Please make that a cheese umlaut.


That would be Käse, then. So ein Käse, as I say in German when my joke falls flat.


Soufflés can fall flat. Your joke didn’t.

(Ha! Didn’t catch me on the acute accent mark!)


Well no wonder it’s hard, it’s all in German! No way could I do that, maybe if it was in English like normal documents.


Maybe the CAPTCHA people could help out with that.


Je l’ai fondu sur la langue.

ETA, to keep this thread going: however acute and spiced satirical content may be, it’s protection from the law is stronger than it’s protection from bad humourists (and Twitter/Facebook bots and moderators). Titanic scored. Team Maas 0, Team Titanic 15.

They’ll might well win the match, you know. :slight_smile:


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