UK government "dries out" its "water damaged" CIA torture files


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Well when you type in triplicate on one of these

it is rather hard to prevent the ink running in the damp.

Wot, old chap.


Water damage? How apropos :wink:

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I told you not to use the desk to water board



No ‘Yes, Minister’ references?

Only copy I could find, skip to the 28’ mark.
Or watch the whole thing, it’s a funny episode.

Okay, if we disregard the insane coincidence of these particular files being water damaged, then the rest of the story is quite logical. You find the file you want is a damp mass of papier-mâché with mould on the outside. You perhaps cannot lift the file without destroying what is in it. So you get some expert who understands wet paper to move the lot to a tank of fresh water and slowly tease the sheets apart and clean them and dry them. And we get almost everything back. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how this is done, and if you have a thick pile of paper, it is a slow but with luck uneventful process.

It may not be exactly a class act, but it is a bit better than…
A: There are no documents!
B: Why do you hate your country?
C: You are on a ‘no-fly’ list for asking.



I like that when these kind of things happen there is a part of me that believes the bastards actually do know know what they’re doing and know they are going to get away with it so they do stuff like say “Water Logged” to rub your nose in it. Of course the majority me doesn’t believe anything except that these guys are narcissistic idiots. Anyway, I just watched three episodes of House of Cards in a row so I am in no shape to comment on this topic.

I wonder if they also made an invisible writer?

The writer disappears 15 minutes after you see him

I’m pretty sure we’ve long reached the stage where the contempt of the ruling classes is conveyed by the utterly incredible implausibility of the mealy-mouthed pronouncements of our so-called ‘representatives’…

Whether these dirtbags know that’s what they’re doing or not is another thing; it could well just be learned behaviour, with only the sharpest of them truly revelling in the utter bastardry…

A better way is to freeze the paper, then put it in a vacuum. This has been done with library books after fires, you freeze dry them. Minimal damage.

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