German Shepherd defends lobster

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Cute. But I have a feeling the dog would do the same with a bone.


“Mothering”? Nope. It’s food. Get away from my food.


Is adopting a supermarket lobster actually feasible? I can think of at least three TV show episodes that use it as a plot device. Or is it pretty much doomed to a short and miserable life even if you decide not to throw it in boiling water?

I would think that if you have a suitable saltwater tank it would survive. I imagine that lobsters are like carnival goldfish (the ones that you win by tossing a ball into their bowl) – if they make it through the first week, then they will probably live for 20 years.

Our dearly departed dog used to do this with a Furby, while also being deeply suspicious of it. We wondered whether he was trying to protect it from me, or me from it.


Yeah, I don’t know about “maternal” instinct. I’m thinking “don’t touch my lobster. I’m waiting for some melted butter, a nutcracker, and opposable thumbs.”

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Stay tuned for the heart-rending tale of “Sami and the puppy that lost its phylum”…

They’re cold water animals. You’d need a (relatively) expensive chiller on the aquarium.

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